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health benefits of chai tea

Best Health Benefits of Chai Tea

by Sarah Syakira

Health Benefits of Chai Tea – Chai tea is a traditional Indian beverage. This beverage full of spice and know whole the world under the name of ‘Masala Chai’. Chai tea contains a mixture of aromatic herbs and traditional spices like cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, pepper and nutmeg.

Many people say that someone who has been drinking this tea will surely be tempted to re-taste. The taste is slightly spicy not only delicious on the tongue, but also save much health benefits.

Some nutritionists say that health benefits of chai tea are large, making the tea should be tried.

Amazing Health Benefits of Chai Tea

1. Reduce Cancer Risk

Chai tea contains many spices rich in anti-oxidants, so consume chai tea regularly helps to keep you out of cancers, such as colon cancer, and gastric cancer.

2. Prevent Flu and Colds

The content of the chai tea can optimize body immunity, so the flu and colds can be cured easily. Flu although not severe but very disturbing our activities

3. Relieves PMS

The health benefits of chai tea to relieve PMS. When the condition of the body weakened by menstruation, consuming this drink said can help balance hormones and reduces pain associated with premenstrual syndrome (PMS).

4. Increase Metabolism

For those of you who are on a diet, usually the body’s metabolism slows down, but by consuming chai tea can increase your body metabolism. This is because the chai tea can stimulate the digestive and pancreatic enzymes to improve the body’s metabolic system.

5. Preventing Diabetes

The next health benefits of chai tea are preventing diabetes. Chai Tea contains herbs that good in regulating blood sugar, but you must consume chai tea regularly. Drinking chai tea continuously will avoid you from type 2 diabetes.

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6. Reduce Bloating

Spices in Chai tea beverage can make your stomach move perfectly. Besides, ingredients and spices are also pushing for a more active digestive system and prevent bloating and prevent gas production.

7. Increase Energy

Stimulants contained in this traditional Indian beverage can facilitate energy production with natural stimulant and healthy. The goodness of spices in chai tea can also speed up the release of a more balanced energy throughout the body.

8. Stabilize blood pressure

A healthy way to drink chai tea is to not use sugar. It is good for stabilizing blood pressure.

So, consuming chai tea has an effect on the health of people with type 2 diabetes and heart health.

9. Beneficial for digestion

Furthermore, the health benefits of chai tea are as an ingredient to help the digestive process. In chai tea there is ginger, this is what provides benefits to the digestive system.

Another benefit of chai tea is that it warms the body when drunk in winter or in cold weather.

10. Recommended for coffee drinkers

For those of you who like coffee in the morning, once in a while we can replace coffee with a cup of chai tea. Chai tea also contains caffeine and this can provide focus and refresh the body.

Furthermore, coffee is also not good for ulcer sufferers, you can try a cup of chai tea which is safer. the caffeine content is not as much as in coffee, so it is still safe for those of us who suffer from ulcers.


11. Reduce nausea

The next benefit of chai tea is as a nausea reducer or as a nausea relief drink. So, this drink is good for pregnant women who often suffer from nausea or morning sickness.

The ginger content in chai tea acts as a nausea reliever and provides freshness to the body.

Not only does it relieve nausea, the vitamin C content in ginger provides an additional supply of vitamins for immunity.

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