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Top 10 Cinnamon Health Benefits

by Sarah Syakira

Cinnamon Health Benefits – Cinnamon is a spice that is often used as a sweetener and flavoring dishes. Cinnamon has a distinctive aroma, even now cinnamon start put in drinks such as coffee. The presence of cinnamon in a variety of food and drinks not only delicious but also adds to the healthy status of food and beverages.

Cinnamon Health Benefits is very much. Among these are for controlling the blood, improve brain performance, lowers cholesterol and others. Here are some health benefits of cinnamon.

Top 10 Cinnamon Health Benefits

1. Treating arthritis
Cinnamon has a tremendous benefit in treating rheumatism. The content in cinnamon can reduce cytokine that, it is a small protein that serves as a mediator in regulating immunity, which can lead to arthritis.

2. Preventing blood clots
The benefits of cinnamon to resolve blood clots. Cinnamaldehyde oil in cinnamon enabled in the dilute blood. As quoted from A cinnamon secrete anti-inflammatory fatty acid called arachidonic. These fatty acids reduce inflammation and blood clots.

3. Have warmed Characteristic
The next cinnamon health benefits are warm. This benefit has long been practiced in traditional Chinese medicine on the flu and fever. Cinnamon contains substances that can make the body warm and comfortable.

4. Prevent the growth of cancer.
Research at the University of Texas showed that cinnamon can reduce the proliferation of cancer cells. Not only that but cinnamon also become one of the herbs that can cure cancer.

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5. Controlling blood sugar
The content of antioxidants in cinnamon can help to control blood sugar levels. Further, cinnamon may also assist the digestion process and improve insulin response in patients with type 2 diabetes. Consume 1 gram of cinnamon only known to lower blood sugar levels, triglycerides, bad cholesterol, and cholesterol in diabetic patients.

6. Lowering Cholesterol
Health benefits of cinnamon for lowering cholesterol. Cinnamon contains calcium, fiber, and minerals such as manganese. So, cinnamon is very beneficial for digestive health, bowel, and prevent heart disease. Not only that, the health benefits of cinnamon can lower cholesterol. Calcium and fiber in cinnamon can help eliminate the salt in the body and prevent colon cancer.

7. Anti-Infection
Anti-infective components in cinnamon beneficial to eliminate H. pylori bacteria that can cause stomach ulcers, and various other types of diseases caused by bacteria.

8. Improve brain function
It is the enormous cinnamon health benefits. How to? The smell of cinnamon is known can increase brain activity. Cinnamon can also improve cognitive processes and help in terms of concentration, remembering.

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9. Cinnamon as versatile drug
Cinnamon health benefits as a versatile drug. Cinnamon contain lots of fiber, calcium, iron and manganese. This substance proved to be effective in reducing pain during menstruation or childbirth. Cinnamon contains cinnamaldehyde that can balance the hormones, progesterone increases and decreases testosterone in women.

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