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4 Surprising Benefits Of Matcha Green Tea Powder

by Sarah Syakira

Matcha green tea has been prominent in the Japanese culture since the 11th century and is a growing trend in other parts of the world for the last three years or so. Besides being a favorite Instagram-worthy drink because of its distinctively green color, more people are drinking this beverage due to its benefits.

Local cafes, brands, and home matcha-making kits are now available everywhere so you can easily have a cup of this “powered tea,” which is now even considered as a superfood.

Matcha Green Tea Powder


Here are four surprising benefits of matcha green tea powder:

1. Easy to prepare

One of the best benefits of matcha is that it is effortless to prepare at home, so you don’t have to keep on hunting for cafes or shops to get your dose of this healthy beverage.

All you need is matcha tea and a bamboo whisk that is usually included when you purchase matcha tea sets.

Depending on how you’d like to have it, here are some ideas:

  • Traditional matcha tea is made with matcha green tea powder and hot water, mixed by the bamboo whisk. You can adjust the amount of tea powder or water depending on the concentration you prefer. You can use this guide to prepare matcha green tea.
  • Matcha latte recipes are also available if you want to add milk into your drink.
  • Matcha desserts like cheesecake, swiss rolls and crepes can also be prepared by incorporating the matcha green tea powder into the recipe.

2. Loaded with antioxidants

Matcha green tea is high in antioxidants, the substances that fight against the harmful effects of UV rays, help lower the risks of infection, and protect cells from damage that could be caused by free radicals.

Research has shown that matcha green tea provides higher amounts of antioxidants compared to other food, including catechins, the most beneficial and potent form of antioxidant. At the same time, a study has seen that it has a higher concentration of the catechin epigallocatechin gallate (EGCg) compared to other green teas. EGCgs are widely recognized for its cancer-fighting properties.

Catechin-rich matcha green tea:

  • Helps prevent cell damage
  • Lowers risk of chronic diseases
  • Slows down premature aging
  • Reduces the risk of various cancers

3. Helps in weight loss

Research on matcha green tea has shown that it helps burn calories and increase metabolism, which are both necessary functions for weight loss.

This doesn’t mean that you can rely on the beverage alone for your weight loss efforts. Instead, you need to continue with exercise regimens and physical activity, and matcha green tea can make these workouts more effective.

A few results from studies show that:

  • Drinking green tea extract while on moderate exercise supplemented fat burning by 17%.
  • Body mass index improved for participants in one 12-week study after consuming green tea, which shows it can also aid in reducing obesity.
  • Exercise-induced fat oxidation in females is enhanced when drinking matcha tea.

4. Boosts energy levels without the crash

A cup of matcha tea provides caffeine more than other kinds of green tea and a little less than a cup of coffee. This means that it can provide the energy you need to get you started in the morning or the alertness you need in the afternoon.

It contains amino acid L-theanine, causing the caffeine content to be absorbed slower than in coffee, that’s why you won’t experience the crash in energy levels.

L-theanine in matcha:

  • Promotes a state of “relaxed alertness”
  • Improves mood, aids in concentration and focus, and enhances memory
  • Increases endurance and energy levels

There are more benefits that you can get from matcha green tea powder. As it’s easy to prepare, filled with antioxidants, helps in weight loss efforts and boosts energy levels, you should consider having a cup of matcha tea as part of your health regimen.

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