How to Lose Arm Fat
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How to Lose Arm Fat, The 8 Best Ways

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A body that is fatty like an arm, it is difficult to return it to its initial position. But if you are brave and have a high commitment, then you can take part in the practice to lose arm fat in this article.

The arm is a difficult and complicated part to train. So that many people think that removing arm fat is very difficult and even impossible. Many people try to reduce arm fat but many of them don’t succeed.

But now there are methods that you can try to reduce fat, especially at the bottom of the arm. This exercise will tighten the arm muscles so that the fat will be destroyed little by little.

Below are some exercises to reduce arm fat, this exercise is done to move the body parts thoroughly but gives greater pressure to the lower arm.

8 Best Ways on How to Lose Arm Fat

1. Focus on Overall Weight Loss

Reduce the point or just exercise with a focus on a certain point
is a method for reducing fat in certain parts of the body such as the arm. This includes the popular exercise, if someone wants to reduce certain fat, then he only focuses on certain body parts.

However, exercises like this are known to be ineffective for losing weight or reducing fat in the arms.

A study of 104 people showed that they completed their training for 12 weeks just by focusing on certain points of the body. As a result, they only get a slight reduction in fat in a specific section.

So, the best exercise to reduce arm fat is to do sports thoroughly. Sports that can move the body as a whole. This is proven to be more effective at burning fat and making all parts of the body lose fat, including for the arm.

2. Start Lifting Weights

This is the training resistance that is carried out by lifting weights. This exercise works by forming muscles and increasing better body strength.

Weight lifting is a form of exercise that is comprehensive and helps lose fat in all parts of the body. This exercise automatically causes your body to work optimally and thoroughly and make the body lose fat as a whole.

Example: A study was conducted for 12 weeks in women who had type 2 diabetes. They did low-intensity resistance exercises, and this turned out to promote fat loss and helped increase muscle strength and mass.

While a study of 109 people, observed that they were resistance exercises that were carried out separately or in combination with aerobics were more effective at increasing muscle mass compared to aerobic exercise alone. Fat-free body mass is good for health because it can help the body’s metabolism and help burn calories at rest.

Some exercises that can help your arm and increase arm muscle mass are Bicep triceps overhead curls, extensions, upright rows, and overhead presses.

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3. More fiber consumption

Another way to lose arm fat is by consuming a high fiber food. Fiber is a substance that is important for weight loss because it works to prevent continuous food intake. Someone who consumes a lot of fiber, he will have a full feeling longer and have healthy digestion. Not only can you lose weight, consuming some extra fiber can make an excessive fat loss.

The fiber in the intestine moves slowly, this provides a longer period of time to empty the stomach so that you feel full continuously and ultimately do not consume food excessively.

A study of 252 women mentioned that every one gram of fiber consumed was related to 0.25% loss of body fat and 0.25 kg of body fat loss.

Among fiber-rich foods are vegetables, whole grains, nuts, and some other nutrients.

4. Add Protein to Your Diet

Next is to consume protein, protein can eliminate your desire to eat a lot. You can control your appetite if you consume enough protein. This will help you reduce fat in the body including fat deposits in the arms.

A study of 20 young women found that consuming protein-rich foods can relieve hunger, maintain fullness and reduce levels of the ghrelin hormone, the hungry hormone.

Among foods high in protein are poultry, seafood, nuts, and products from milk. These are some high-protein foods that help you get rid of fat quickly.

5. Do More Cardio

Do cardio often, this is a sport that focuses on heart rate. The high heart rate when doing cardio is good for burning calories so it prevents the accumulation of fat.

So, if you are in the program of reducing arm fat, enter cardio as one of the tasks that you have to do every day.

Research reveals that cardio exercise is very good for weight loss increasing lean muscle mass. A study of 141 people who do cardio for 40 minutes and 3 times a week can lose weight up to 9% in just 6 months. If you do it every day you can reduce the duration, you can do it 20 minutes a day.

Among the cardio exercises you can do is rowing, cycling, jogging, swimming, dancing and jumping rope.

6. Avoid refined carbohydrates or reduce them.

Processed carbohydrates are not natural carbohydrates but are already processed. Finally, it appears as a food that is empty of nutrients and minerals. Usually, processed carbohydrates are a type of carbohydrate that is high in calories but low in fiber. These foods can cause elevated blood sugar levels and are very bad for diabetics.

Instead of this food, you can consume other foods that are much healthier. Among them include quinoa, wheat, sorghum, spelled and consumption in the amount of moderation.

7. Set a sleep schedule and obey the rules that you make

In addition, to exercise and maintaining a healthy diet, adequate rest is an important factor to prevent obesity including avoiding fat under the arms. Research reveals that sleep is important for losing weight and curbing appetite.

The study of 9 men found that one night they lack sleep can dramatically increase their appetite. This is a result of rising hunger or ghrelin hormones.

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From this research, we are expected to be able to sleep on time every night. Determine what time you should sleep and keep the schedule.

8. Stay Hydrated

Furthermore, how to reduce arm fat is by keeping the body hydrated. Drinking lots of water are very necessary for running a program to eliminate body fat.

Based on research, food and drinks together can be filling so that it can reduce the amount of food consumed every day.

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In addition, drinking enough water can also help your body’s metabolism. In one study showed that drinking 500 ml of water could increase the body’s metabolism by 30% for 40 minutes.

The best drinks are pure, sweet-free drinks such as mineral water, sugarless tea.

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