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11 Health Benefits of Taro

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Health Benefits of Taro – Taro is a plant that is commonly found in Southeast Asia. This plant has in common with a potato so that some areas might call “potato of the tropics” because taro is grown in the tropical region. In some indigenous communities, Taro been an outstanding food in dietary. Taro’s tuber filling because a lot of starch, like rice or other foods. It might be the reason why a lot of taro are also used as food in Asian society.

Taro is a plant that cultivated in the semi-exotic and exotic region. The cultivation of taro plants is to take the leaves and tubers. The delicious taste makes many people lured to consume these plants. Although coming from Southeast Asia, the plant is already well known to foreign countries such as West Africa. Consuming Taro should not be done in a raw state because it can damage the health. These foods should be thoroughly cooked to be edible and give a pleasant mouth-feel.

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Taro plants are not only good in taste but also has few benefits for body health. Here we see what are the health benefits of taro plants?

11 Health Benefits of Taro

Taro is healthy plants to eat, a variety of vitamins and minerals contained therein. Among them are potassium, calcium, vitamin B, vitamin E, vitamin C, magnesium, manganese, copper. While taro leaves contain a lot of vitamin A, vitamin C, fiber, and protein. The amount of the nutrients in taro, then this plant offers many advantages and benefits to health.

1. Lowering blood pressure
Taro root or tuber contains much potassium that is an essential mineral in charge of organizing the stability of the blood so that get a positive effect on blood pressure. Consuming taro excellent for those who had been elderly, as well as those who are at risk of blood pressure.

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2. Gluten-free
Taro is a vegetable that is free of gluten. But this plant contains Phyto-quality nutrition such as antioxidants and fiber.

3. Boost immunity
The abundant content of vitamin in taro very useful to boost immunity. Vitamin C is useful as an antioxidant that is helpful to get rid of free radicals in the body (causes cell damage) so that the body’s immune enhancing unavoidable from mild disease such as a cough, fever, and cold.

Health benefits of taro
Taro and tuber

4. Reduce the risk of heart disease
Health benefits of taro are also associated with the heart. Taro is a healthy food with no cholesterol and little fat. It is the main reason why taro healthy for heart patients. Then the people who like to consume taro regularly have fewer opportunities to cardio disease or heart disease.

5. Lose weight
Taro is a vegetable that is good for weight loss because it contains no fat and contains a lot of fiber. So, do not forget to enter taro in your diet.

6. Low-sodium
Taro is a vegetable that is low in sodium, for those of you who want to reduce sodium intake, taro is suitable for you. Taro contained only 1% of the daily sodium needs. Why should sodium be avoided? Excess sodium in the body can cause health problems such as kidney problems, high blood pressure and harm blood cells in the body.

7. High-fiber
Furthermore, taro for health benefits is sufficient daily requirement of fiber. These vegetables can meet the daily fiber requirement of up to 27%. Also, fiber is excellent remedy especially for health that related to the gastrointestinal such as colon, stomach, etc. Consuming foods high in fiber can reduce the risk of colon cancer, prevent the buildup of cholesterol in the body.

8. Low glycemic index food
Taro is a low-glycemic index food, and these are foods that are beneficial to lower blood glucose in the liver gradually. The benefit is lowering blood sugar as well as weight loss. It is perfect for those who have diabetes. High fiber content in taro root serves to keep you feeling full and permanent weight loss.

9. Prevent fatigue
Taro root is good provided as foods for athletes because it includes foods that are low glycemic index. These foods will reduce fatigue and make the body stay fit throughout the day.

10. It contains amino acids and omega 3
Taro root is a repository for amino acids. More than 17 types of amino acids that are found in Taro root and this is imperative for health. Among them are omega 3 and omega 6, which is an important substance for heart health, cancer protection, and keep another defect.

11. Anti-Aging Benefits
Japanese Taro is the high concentration of Hyaluronic Acid foods. It is an important substance in the body to regenerate cells. Besides taro also contains HA that useful to keep your body young throughout the year.

taro plant, health benefits opf Taro

Taro Nutrition Fact

Taro root (Colocasia esculenta (L.) schott), raw,
Nutrition Value per 100 g,
(Source:, taken from USDA national Nutrient Data Base)


Nutrient Value

Percentage of RDA

Carbohydrates 26.46 g 20%
Cholesterol 0 mg 0%
Dietary Fiber 4.1 g 11%
Energy 112 Kcal 6%
Protein 1.50 g 3%
Total Fat 0.20 g <1%


Folates 22 µg 5.5%
Niacin 0.600 mg 4%
Pantothenic acid 0.303 mg 6%
Pyridoxine 0.283 mg 23%
Riboflavin 0.025 mg 2%
Thiamin 0.095 mg 8%
Vitamin A 76 IU 2.5%
Vitamin C 4.5 mg 7%
Vitamin E 2.38 mg 20%
Vitamin K 1 µg 1%


Potassium 591 mg 12.5%
Sodium 11 mg <1%


Calcium 43 mg 4%
Copper 0.172 mg 19%
Iron 0.55 mg 7%
Magnesium 33 mg 8%
Manganese 0.383 mg 1.5%
Selenium 0.7 µg 1%
Zinc 0.23 mg 2%


Carotene-ß 35 µg
Carotene-α 0 µg
Cryptoxanthin-ß 20 µg
Lutein-zeaxanthin 0 µg