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12 Ayurvedic Medicine For Curing Wisdom Tooth Pain

by Sarah Syakira

12 Ayurvedic Medicine For Wisdom Tooth – Wisdom Teeth is one tooth that is not less important. Molars usually grow later when someone already old. One source said that the molars appear when aged 16 to 25 years, but do not be surprised that there are also growing when already 30 years old.

When appearing these teeth, usually accompanied by pain that makes you unwell, even make you unbearable pain.

However, the pain is not mandatory, because there is also a growing wisdom tooth with a relaxed and not feel pain. Look, if in your mouth does not have enough space for the growth of these teeth, so you regularly experience chronic pain that is unbearable.

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The effects of growing wisdom teeth give the sensation of remarkable pain. If you can not control the pain, then you will lose common sense, sweating that can make you do something not desired.

However, you do not need to do anarchists or stress. Some natural ingredients can be Ayurveda medicine for sore molars. This Ayurvedic medicine will relieve the throbbing pain in your teeth.

Ayurvedic Medicine For Wisdom Tooth Pain

Here is some Ayurvedic home remedy to deal with the pain in your wisdom teeth.

1. Garlic

garlic Ayurvedic Medicine

Garlic is a home remedy that is very famous in Ayurvedic (Ayurveda) to overcome the problem of sore molars. A compound called Allicin useful to relieve pain in the teeth. To relieve pain in your wisdom tooth use garlic that has crushed finely. Feel the sensation!

2. Cloves

cloves Ayurvedic Medicine

Cloves are one of Ayurvedic medicine that very good at dealing with a toothache, especially the molars. Cloves contain anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory that is good for a curing toothache. Cloves contain eugenol useful to soothe tooth infection and tooth pain.

How to make the medicine: It is with apply clove oil on cotton, then applies it to the sore molars.

3. Turmeric

turmeric Ayurvedic Medicine

Turmeric is an ancient medicine that is still effective today. Turmeric is known for antibacterial, so it’s good to treat a toothache in Ayurveda. Take a teaspoon of turmeric (Haldi) and make pasta. Apply on cotton and place it on the aching tooth.

4. Cucumber

cucumber Ayurvedic Medicine

Cucumbers are also included renowned Ayurvedic to provide a cooling effect. Cooling effect on the cucumber is very useful to get rid of the pain in your teeth.

5. Ashoka Tree Bark

Ashoka tre bark Ayurvedic MedicinePlants and herbs are essential ingredients in Ayurveda. Ashoka is something that removes grief. Ashoka bark/skin is known to contain some substances that important for health. To get rid of a toothache, you can boil Ashoka bark and rinse the mouth with it.

6. Triphala

triphala Ayurvedic MedicineIn Ayurveda, it is a combination of three herbs which are very useful for healing. If you suffer from unbearable pain, Triphala mixed with boiling water, then use water to rinse. Ayurvedic medicine is not only to cure a toothache but also can save your teeth.

7. Tulsi

Tulsi Ayurvedic MedicineTulsi is an important herb amongst Indians. According to Ayurveda, Dental pain can be cured by using a mixture of mustard oil with tulsi, and apply them to a toothache.

8. Ginger

ginger Ayurvedic Medicine

Furthermore, the great Ayurveda medicine in treating dental pain, including pain wisdom teeth are ginger. Not only toothache but also can be used to heal sprains and headaches. Ginger has a calming effect so potent in treating pain.

9. Guava Leaves

Guava leave Ayurvedic Medicine

Guava leaves are also very useful for treating pain in molars. Guava leaves are known with containing anti-inflammatory that nice to cure toothache.

10. Oil-Pulling Therapy

Oil pulling Ayurvedic Medicine

Oil-pulling therapy also includes drugs that are very good in curing toothache. The use of this oil is also useful in treating toothache. Combine coconut oil, sunflower oil and sesame, swish in the mouth for 10-15 minutes and wash off with warm water.

11. Potatoes

Potatoes Ayurvedic Medicine

Potatoes also include an Ayurvedic medicine that is able to overcome the pains and throbbing tooth. Cut a few slices of potato and chill it, then apply on the aching tooth. Potato will soothe your teeth so that you are able to withstand a toothache.

12. Babool Tree Barks

Babool tree Ayurvedic Medicine

Babool tree bark is used as an herb in treating toothaches and dental health. The content of the babool bark able to fight toothache. Boil babool bark and let stand until cool, then use as a gargle to relieve sore molars.

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