Benefits Of Kegel Exercises

8 Super Benefits Of Kegel Exercises

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The benefits of Kegel exercises are strengthening the pelvic muscles, urethra, bladder, rectum and strengthening the uterus for women. Kegel exercises are one of the alternatives for those who want to discover this great benefit. The first time, this exercise was developed in the 1950s by Dr. Arnold Kegel, a specialist in obstetrics and gynecology.

The cause of this exercise is backed up by a woman who during her childbirt had problems with the bladder, she could not resist the urine. Well, then found a way to overcome this problem, this is by applying this kegel exercises. Men and women can do this exercise and both have great benefits for health. Thus, the benefits of Kegel exercises are not only benefit to s3x but also to repair urinary tract problems.

The way to do Kegel exercises is with tighten the muscles around the genitals. It’s the same as when you want to urinate. When you want to pee, hold for a few seconds and then release it. You can adjust the time with your condition. To get the most benefit from Kegel exercises, do up to 10 times each session.

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In a day should do up to 3 times, you can do it anywhere. This exercise can be done while watching, or while reading a book in a relaxed manner. In doing kegel exercises, you can use the help of kegel ball, especially for women who do not have a partner, this is very helpful and gives its own pleasure.

8 Health Benefits of Kegel Exercises

1. Maintain fitness

Everything must be done regularly to get maximum results including this exercises. Kegel exercises that done regularly can strengthen pelvic muscles, so that our bodies become healthy and fit.

2. Overcoming urinary incontinence

Urinary incontinence is a problem that occurs when the bladder loses control, causing you difficulty holding back urine. Growing age, either men or women will have this problem, and ultimately leads to weakening of pelvic floor muscles.

Well, when the pelvic floor muscle is weakens, someone will more difficult to hold urine. Thus, the benefits of Kegel exercises are helpful in treating urinary incontinence problems.

3. Prevent “Small bedwetting”

Have you ever seen a small child wet, this will happen to an adult who has problems with his bladder. Maybe when you cough, or laugh you experience a small wetting because can not keep urine. If this is happens, it looks like you should take time to practice kegel.

When Kegel exercises are done regularly, then bed wetting problems can be overcome slowly.

4. Prevent hemorrhoids

The next benefit of Kegel exercises is to prevent hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are health problems that occur when widening blood vessels in the rectal area. The main cause of this disease is due to lack of food mengasup high fiber, causing hard stools. If you experience this problem, it is very troublesome and makes you have to endure pain all day long, especially when you want to defecate.

With Kegel exercises, hemorrhoid disease will decrease gradually.

5. Prevent descent Uterus

The term “uterus down” is also called “uterine prolapse”. This bias occurs when the woman’s uterus does not lie in the correct position. Usually, women after childbirth or entering menopause experience “uterus down”. However, this problem can be prevented if you apply Kegel exercises regularly. The purpose of Kegel exercises is to restore a loose pelvic floor muscle.

6. Increase intimate satisfaction

Kegel exercises are useful for strengthening pelvic floor muscles. This muscle is associated with erection problems and premature ejaculation in men. So, the benefits of Kegel exercises is to prevent this disorder in men and restore sexual function as expected.

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7. Penis enlargement

Related to this problem, there is no research that reveals that Kegel exercises can enlarge your vital organ. But you can find out for yourself by trying this exercises. But some people think that Kegel exercises can affect penis enlargement because it is related to the pelvic floor muscles and nearby.

8. Overcoming prostate disorders

Kegel not only for intimate satisfaction but also to overcome problems in the prostate. Kegel exercises increase the prostate gland and the diseases that come from this gland.