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10 Worst Foods for Brain Health

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Worst foods for brain health – The food is not only give effect to your body, but also affect the health of your brain. There are many foods that you eat makes you more stupid and lose knowledge. Thus, consume foods have to be careful and stay away from fatty foods that can cause brain weak.

The food we eat everyday sometimes give good influence to the brain, sometimes give a bad influence. So, identify the foods so that we could keep the brain from damage.

Foods such as mango, banana, and chocolate is the foods that are good for health and even for brain. You can search for these foods in fruit shops. but there are also a series of bad foods for brain health that should be remember.

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Let’s check the following foods. Do not consume these foods because of bad effects on the brain. Keep away children from these foods right now.

The Worst Foods for Brain Health

1. Buttery Popcorn

Worst Foods for Brain Health

Popcorn is the food very much preferred by teenagers or adults. The food is always present when you are watching a movie. Remember! microwave pop corn is the worst foods for your brain health. Do not try to consume these foods if you want to grow as a smart person. Microwaved popcorn will damage the cells of your head, both local brands or top profile brands.

2. Alcohol

alcohol Worst Foods for Brain Health

Alcohol is a destroyer types of beverages unless your brain. Consuming alcohol will leave a fog for the brain and make you change your mind quickly. Not just bad for the brain, but alcohol is also bad for the health of the kidneys and liver for a longer period. The ugliness of alcohol on health are not just stop there, because this illicit drinks can also reduce the quality of your mental health.

Consuming alcohol in large amounts will make your brain off from balancing. It is the cause why you can not think normally. People get drunk, he would forget the many events before drunk.

3. Fructose

fruktosa Worst Foods for Brain Health

Furthermore, the worst foods for brain health is fructose. So, consume foods that contain lots of fructose and glucose tends to damage your brain. Experts say that consuming fructose in large amounts can cause damage to brain cells and inhibit your brain to function properly.

4. Fried Food

Worst Foods for Brain Health, fried foods

Fried foods are very high colorants, additives and contain artificial flavors. Please note that the material contained in fried foods will affect the brain’s cognitive slowly and then damage brain cells. If you eat fried foods every day, then your body will dehydrate. Trust me!

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5. Fast Food

fast foods Worst Foods for Brain Health

Fast food, including the worst foods for brain health. Fast food contain lots of sodium, fructose, and fat which are very bad for the brain.

Research shows that those who eat junk food every day get their mental imbalance than those who rarely eat fast food. Among fast food that are bad for the brain is a burger, pizza, and a variety of fried food.

6. Ice Cream

ice cream Worst Foods for Brain Health

Ice cream is very tasty food on the planet. You’ll rarely find a person who does not like ice cream. Food is often made as a dessert.

Although the food is very tasty but indirectly ice cream affect your mental health. One cup of vanilla contains 10 grams of saturated fat. It will clog the arteries so that blood flow is not smooth. Additionally, it contains 28 grams of sugar and it would make the brain does not work with stable.

7. Taking supplements of copper and iron

Worst Foods for Brain Health supplement

You must know that copper and iron is an important mineral for the health of the body. However, if your body get excessive of this mineral, it will experience on bad effects. If you’re taking supplements of copper and iron in excessive amounts then your brain will be damaged and die.

8. Tuna

Worst Foods for Brain Health, tuna fish

The study revealed that eating tuna and salmon fish is important for brain health, so we have to consume as much as 2 times a week. It is thanks to the presence of fatty acids in the fish. Tuna helpful to build muscle and brain work.

However, when the tuna consumed in excessive amounts it will have a bad effect on brain function. It is caused by a lot of mercury contain. So, you can eat tuna but not too much.

9. Soy Sauce

soy sauce is Worst Foods for Brain Health

Soy sauce also included in the worst foods for your brain health. So, be careful with this food. Preferably in each food you use soy sauce, give a little, and choose low-sodium soy sauce.

Consuming soy in excessive amounts can restrict blood flow to the brain and then affect your memory.

10.Processed Foods

Worst Foods for Brain Health, burger

Lastly, the worst foods for brain health is processed foods. The foods contain lots of saturated acids and sugars. Based on the study reported that those who consume processed foods regularly have problems relating to their brains than those who do not like processed food. The food is not only bad for the brain, but also bad for the heart.

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Thus some of the worst foods for brain health that you should never give or dispose it right now. Pay attention to your children so that they do not like to these foods, because they are in a period of brain growth.

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