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8 Valuable Benefits of Women’s Kickboxing Workout

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Women’s Kickboxing – One of the workout that are trending right now is a martial Kickboxing art. Kickboxing is a martial arts techniques that teach defense against enemy attacks. The sport was originally dominated by men, as the sport is indeed fit the body of a man. But now has changed, women’s kickboxing has become a trend among many of women.

Now, the number of women who love this martial art is increase more and more. If you notice, you’ll see that many woman take to the ring. Why Kickboxing is now widely affects women? It is not unreasonable for a woman to follow kickboxing workout. If you do not know the benefits of Kickboxing for women, lets continue to refer to this article.

Kickboxing Become a Trend

Perhaps, celebrities including influential in giving love a woman against Kickboxing. Lately many Hollywood artists are turning to the Kickboxing as a form of preservation of health and body shape.

Among the celebrities who choose Kickboxing as sport to keep fit is Ashley Greene, Lauren Conrad, Angelina Jolie, Marissa Miller, Queen Latifah, and others. At this time, kickboxing became a trend among women. In addition beneficial as martial arts, actually have many other benefits. Here are some benefits of kickboxing for women you should now.

8 Benefits of Women’s Kickboxing

1. Learning self defense

Defend themselves from enemy attack is crucial for the modern woman. This is one reason for women to learn kickboxing. In a sport not only contain movement to burn calories but also learn various techniques for hitting with hands, kicks, knees and punches with the elbows.

Additionally, kickboxing also learn more about the procedure to avoid as well as attack. So, women’s kickboxing not only useful as a martial art but also as a movement of the body to maintain fitness.

2. Burn fat

Kickboxing also combines martial arts with cardio exercises. It will pump the heart and provide certain health. This workout is a high-level sport to burn a lot of calories and fat in the body.

Sammie Kennedy, CEO and creator of Femme Fitale, Ontario said that the kickboxing workout can burn 750 calories in just one hour. Thus, kickboxing workout for women is very efficient to maintain the beauty.

The presence of the cardio element in kickboxing add tremendous benefit to women’s health. The combination of cardio exercises make this sport more active to burn belly fat associated with heart disease, diabetes and even cancer. Thus, the benefits of kickboxing for women is great.


3. Tone your entire body

Differences with other sports, kickboxing involves all the muscles in the body that give the sensation thoroughly. Kennedy said that this workout forces you to engage all of your muscles so its provide a large toning benefits.

In addition, women’s kickboxing also able to improve coordination. With a strong movement, this exercise will improve your reflexes and flexibility.

4. Aerobic Effects

In addition, the benefits of kickboxing for women is to increase the flow of oxygen throughout the body with a good result from aerobic effect. All the muscles will work quickly and carefully so that you will find a more beautiful muscular shape after taking this class.

The involvement of all the muscles in kickboxing will increase body oxygen, heart rate and improve cardiovascular conditions. Another benefit of the kickboxing sport is to increase bone density, muscle strength, burn calories, increase flexibility, and increase coordination.

5. Self Defense Movement

In addition to burning fat, there are many women who choose kickboxing exercise to learn self-defense system. There are certain movements that are useful to deal with enemies, such as withdrawing, rotate or avoided by doing squats. It all taught to the benefits of self-defense.

Have the ability to defend itself is a very valuable thing. Especially when you’re in danger. Kickboxing will give you confidence and make you daring when there are enemies. So, basically the purpose of this exercise is not to attack but to protect.

6. Improving mental strength

The women’s Kickboxing not only beneficial to improve fitness but also mental. Kickboxing workout for women can add courage and confidence. After studying the movements in kickboxing you will feel the present of inner strength.

benefits women's kickboxing

7. Reduce stress

Stress is always present when you are stuck in various difficulties like a lot of unfinished work, you are stuck in traffic jams, and the various issues that relate to your psyche. In these conditions many people will be stressed and his blood boil.

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Remember! kickboxing exercise can lower stress. For those of you who often do this workout, you will feel psychological calm in face the stressful circumstances and pressing upon you.

8. Feel sexy

Nothing is sexier than you are able to make your opponent stunned with martial arts movements that you have. All this you will find if you exercise in earnest.

The confidence that comes makes you increasingly feel to have the ability to kick some butt. Remember! Martial not to start but to keep away.


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