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The Causes of White Specks In Stool and What To Do

by Sarah Syakira

A number of problems that affect our health can cause white bits in the stool. White bits are sometimes in the form of white spots but sometimes they also look like whitish substances that cause your stool to change color. Seeing white spots in the stool once or twice maybe normal and not worrying. But if you routinely see the white bits in the stool, this needs to be noticed and watched out. If this is the case, you should immediately consult an internal specialist.

Why are white bits in your stool? There are many reasons why these white particles fill your stool. It could be, this is a sign that you have a fungal infection in the body, or caused by a parasite in your intestine. If digestive problems occur, then you can experience white mucus that appears with your feces.

However, white specks in stool can also occur due to more serious health problems. Possibly in this case you don’t see white bits in stool but overall your stool is whitish or pale gray.

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In this article, we will look at the causes of the white specks in stool and find out why your stool is white or white spots.

Causes of White Specks in Stool

Stool color is one way to indicate your health. We can know more about the health of the color of dirt. So, when you see the white in the stool, immediately find out or ask your doctor for advice. This is not something that can be ignored.

1. Mucous in stool

The white substance in the stool can be mucus. In feces, there is often white particle which is sometimes not visible. In general, white substances that appear in stool are a result of problems with your digestive system.

Doctors from the Mayo Clinic say that if you find a lot of mucus in the stool, it is a result of intestinal infection. This is usually in lemongrass by pain in the abdomen. So, this is without you experiencing Crohn, ulcerative colitis can even be a sign of cancer.

The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, states that leucorrhoea that occurs in feces is one sign of irritable bowel syndrome. This irritation can cause bloating and discomfort. This is also marked by the change in defecation schedule. Irritable bowel syndrome or IBS is a digestive health problem that is difficult to treat and maintain.

2. Parasites

Second, the cause of the white bits in stool is parasites. This parasite is in the intestine so that it has an effect on the color of the stool. Noting white bumps and specks in the dirt, the University of Maryland states that these parasites not only change the color of stool but can also cause diarrhea, vomiting, itching around the anus, weight loss and loose stools.

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Are the white specks in stool caused by parasites? The University of Maryland says that if you experience a parasite in the intestine when removing feces, you might be able to see a worm. While the Saudi Journal of Gastroenterology says that white spots in feces are parasitic eggs.

If you are suspicious of parasites that reside in the intestine, there are many foods that you can eat to help remove parasites in the intestine. One of these foods is garlic. Garlic is a natural antibiotic that is very good for removing parasites, fungi, and bacteria in the body. Besides garlic, you can also consume food grade diatomaceous earth (DE). This is also a natural way of removing parasites from the intestine.

3. Fungal infection

The appearance of white bits in stool can also be caused by fungal infections. The occurrence of fungal infections is a result of excessive growth of yeast Candida Albicans. Excessive yeast growth occurs when your immune system is very weak, you can often take antibiotics. So, this mushroom candida Albicans can come out along with your stool so that white spots appear.

In the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases, it is mentioned that there is a connection between mushroom candida and bowel movements. Severe experts say that fungal infections can cause candida to appear in feces.

4. Fatty stool (steatorrhea)

Fatty stools can also cause stool color to turn white or appear white. Fatty dirt is a condition called steatorrhea and this is caused by the inability of the digestion to absorb nutrients including fat, protein, sugar, and various vitamins.

So, why are some or all stools white? This is because the bile produced by the liver is not enough to destroy fat. If the gall is sufficient, your stool will be normal in color. But if the production of bile is not enough to break fat, this can cause your stool to become white.

Dr. Stephan Goebei on the Medscape.com website says that a health problem called “steatorrhea” can trigger the color of your pale stool accompanied by a foul odor. Another indication is the color of the appearance of oil above the surface of the water when you defecate.

5. Certain medications

Taking certain drugs can also cause white bits in stool. According to MedlinePlus, the drug interferes with bile production which causes pale stools. drugs that can cause gray stool are antibiotics, heartburn drugs or medications for gout.

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If the cause is medication, usually after you stop taking the drug, your stool will return to normal color.

6. Liver problems

Another factor that causes white specks in stool is liver disease. If someone suffers from liver disease, there will be a disruption in the production of bile which in turn can affect the color of feces.

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