Benefits Of White Fir Essential Oil

Top 7 Benefits Of White Fir Essential Oil

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One of the many essential oils for health is white fir oil. Among the benefits of white fir essential oil are stopping inflammation, increasing energy, reducing pain, improving body odor, reducing stress, detoxifying the body, stimulating metabolism, accelerating healing, improving the smell of the house/room. Besides the amazing benefits that are given, white fir essential oil also has several adverse effects or side effects, including skin irritation, digestive problems, but in general, this oil has great benefits for human health.

White fir essential oil is oil obtained from needle extraction on white pine trees (Abies concolor). Abies concolor is a medium-sized evergreen tree that grows in western North America. Usually it grows in mountainous areas, which is why it is also called by the name Colorado white-fir. This pine tree is usually used on Christmas Day. The smell is very typical and is said to resemble the smell of Christmas.

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There are a number of medicinal and therapeutic values ​​of white fir essential oils. Among the values ​​of these drugs are alpha-pinene, limonene, myrcene, borneol, and active compounds and anti-oxidants. White fir oil is widely available in stores and the price is relatively cheap. For more details, here we see what are the health benefits of white fir essential oil.

Health Benefits of White Fir Essential Oil

White fir essential oils are usually used as a natural medicine to treat chronic diseases, those with low energy, help eliminate body odor, help those with weak immunity, heart disease, obesity, respiratory infections and treat inflammation.

1. Treat respiratory infections

The presence of antioxidants and active compounds in white fir essential oil can help those with respiratory tract infections. It also can eliminate bacteria in the air in your home. You can spray this oil on the room and if inhaled it is good for treating respiratory infections. Another benefit is treating and fighting inflammation that occurs in the bronchial tubes.

2. Improve mood

The distinctive aroma of white fir essential oils can actually have a positive effect on one’s mood. This will eliminate stress and depression. This aroma will neutralize stress hormone levels in the body. So, this oil can also reduce the risk of chronic diseases which incidentally arises from stress that occurs.

3. Increase the body’s energy

The compounds present in white fir oil can stimulate the body, it can increase metabolism. So, it is not only useful for metabolism but also can stimulate the emergence of energy.

By increasing energy and metabolism, fat burning in the body also occurs, but it also increases circulation, and improves brain function. So, one way to get the benefits of white fir essential oil is to spread it in the room so that it is inhaled in breathing.

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4. Increase body immunity

White fir essential oil contains antiseptic and antimicrobial which is very good for protecting and protecting the house from bacteria. It can even protect the skin from pathogens that cause disease. White fir also supports immunity and can reduce infections as well as the stomach and breathing.

5. Improve heart health

One of the benefits is increasing the body’s metabolism and this indicates that the heart is working more efficiently. It will pump more blood and can increase blood circulation better. This will certainly improve a stronger cardiovascular system.

6. Prevents premature aging

There are powerful antioxidants in white fir essential oils, including limonene, alpha-pinene and borneol. This compound will neutralize its function as an antioxidant.

Free radicals are dangerous compounds that can cause cancer and other dangerous diseases. All of the compounds mentioned above function to neutralize free radicals in the body. The anti-oxidant function found in white fir essential oil is to prevent premature aging, improve cognition, and optimize organ function.

7. Eliminating body odor

Some choose white fir oil as a deodorant to eliminate body odor. It does contain antimicrobial properties that are useful for killing bacteria that cause body odor.

The aroma of this oil daro is a refreshing natural aroma throughout the day. Many people mix this oil in aftershaves and in colognes. It also stimulates the release of toxins from the body by stimulating the expenditure of sweat. From this sweat will be removed toxins, fat and excessive salt.

Side Effects of White Fir Essential Oil

In addition to great health benefits, white fir essential oil also has some side effects that should be watched out for. Among the possible side effects are skin inflammation, abdominal pain, and complications, but this depends on your age and the medical condition you are experiencing.

Pregnant women and children.

As with other essential oils in general, white fir oil is not recommended for use by pregnant women and children. However, if only limited use in the room to give the scent, this is considered safe. But if you want to use it, you should consult with your doctor.

Skin allergies

White fir essential oil is also the same as some other types of essential oils, it is an oil that can cause skin allergies in certain people. So, before using it thoroughly, you should try applying it a little to the skin and see if there are reactions such as swelling, itching, or irritation.


Not recommended to swallow even if only a little. White fir essential oil is not for oral use, it is an external oil. If you use it for the needs of the inside of the body, this is enough to just inhale it. But if you use it in small amounts of tea or other drinks, this might still be safe. But to avoid things that are not desired, you should consult with your doctor first.