Ways to Increase Testosterone Naturally

7 Ways to Increase Testosterone Naturally

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After previously we talked about foods that kill testosterone, this time we will see on how to naturally increase testosterone levels. Most people associate this hormone with hair on the face, and gigantic muscles. Yet more than that, this hormone is produced naturally in the body and plays an important role in the metabolic functions of the body of men and women. Decreasing testosterone can be life threatening. One of the benefits of this hormone is to help human breeding.

Testosterone is a hormone that is produced in the male testes and female ovary in a small proportion, it is also called the steroid hormone.

The hormone also related to the physical changes of children when adolescents such as reminded muscles, sound more rough, and stimulate the growth of facial hair or leg hair etc. For adults, normal amounts of testosterone are important for overall health such as reducing the risk of disease, moving sexual function, body composition and so on. In addition, raising testosterone is also beneficial to increase muscle mass and vitality quickly.

Interestingly enough, testosterone has an important role for male and female sexual health. In fact, research suggests that both sexes should have enough of this hormone especially as age continues to age.

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Ways to Increase Testosterone Naturally

How to increase the hormone testosterone can be done easily, you can choose to take supplements, taking special herbs to boost testosterone or by combining certain exercise and healthy diet for testosterone. Here are some natural ways to increase this hormone quickly, we combine the natural way, a healthy diet and natural herbs.

1. Exercise and Lift Weights

Regular exercise and weight loss is an excellent natural way to maintain overall health. According to this website, exercise can also help a person in raising testosterone levels. So, in addition to getting fitness, reaction time, someone who exercises regularly also gets a healthier testosterone level.

Research shows that obese men who do a lot more movement benefit in raising this hormone compared with diet lose weight.

In addition to an exercise, you can combine creatine monohydrate supplement and caffeine with exercise to speed up your levels.

2. Consume carbohydrates, proteins and fats

In addition to exercise regularly, food that we eat also affects the level of testosterone. It is important to pay attention to your daily intake. Conversely, a strict diet and eating in excess can disrupt your testosterone.

In addition, protein is important in consumption to keep hormone levels stable and can reduce weight. While carbohydrates are also in need, because he can optimize testosterone levels during exercise.

Not only protein, and carbohydrate alone, but healthy fats also play a role in increasing your testosterone levels naturally.

3. Avoid stress and cortisol levels

One of the harmful things to health such as lowering hormone levels is prolonged stress. Stress can increase cortisol that trigger a decrease in testosterone.

Other hazards, stress and cortisol can cause a lot of people to eat so that the weight is increases. It is causes fat deposits in the body and has negative impact on your hormones. So, the natural way of raising testosterone levels is by putting on stress levels.

You can reduce stress by sleeping well, exercising, laughing and applying a balanced lifestyle. All of these have a positive impact on your hormone increase.

4. Consume vitamins and minerals

Indeed, the benefits of multivitamins are still in the debate of health experts, but in general vitamins are very beneficial for this. Research shows that vitamin B supplementation, zinc can improve sperm quality up to 74%. While other studies separately showed that vitamins A, vitamin C and E have an effect on increasing the hormone testosterone, but more research is done.

Among the minerals and vitamins, the best way to boost your levels is vitamin D and zinc.

5. Bask in morning sun rays or vitamin D supplements

One of the vitamins that are very important for health is vitamin D, and quickly popular all over the world. Possible one of benefits is increasing your hormones. However, the majority of Americans are deficient in vitamin D, so they love to bask in the mornings sun.

6. Try some of the following testosterone booster

Herbs to increase hormones are much but only a few of them that supported scientifically. Among the herbs that are popular in raising hormone levels is Ashwagandha.

In the study, ashwagandha used in infertile men, this herb can increase the testosterone up to 17% and increase sperm levels up to 16%. Another study says that consuming ashwagandha can lower cortisol at 25%, this is very helpful for hormone increase.

In addition to ashwaganda, ginger also has the ability to increase this hormone. While other herbs that are good to increase testosterone are goat weed, shilajit, tongkat ali, and Mucuna pruriens. All of these herbs have a positive effect in raising hormone levels either in mice or in humans with low hormone levels. However, it is not known whether this affects also happen in healthy men with normal hormone levels.

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