Waterleaf Health Benefits

11 Waterleaf Health Benefits, Prevent Bp to Cancer

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Waterleaf health benefits – Do you know what is waterleaf? Most people are not so familiar with these vegetable crops. Waterleaf is not only a vegetable but it is also herb that has efficacy and benefits for health. The plants are native to Mexico, central America and the Caribbean. To meet the benefits of vegetables, this plant is widely planted in the tropics (high rainfall).

Before we see the waterleaf health benefits, let’s first look at the nutrient content in the waterleaf.

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Waterleaf Nutrients Values

Among the outstanding nutrients of Waterleaf vegetable plants are as follows:

# Flavonoids

Flavonoids are compounds in the class of phytochemicals that are useful as forming petals that make many insects captivated. Compounds have important benefits for the plants that grow around us.

Composition of this compound has a bitter taste, so not all types of insects have an interest in this compound.

# Alkaloids

It is an organic compound of nature that its existence is very abundant. It is a heterocyclic and mostly nitrogenous base compound present in plants. Alkaloids are composed of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, and oxygen.

# Saponins

These are glycosides that may be present in many plants. Its compounds cause foam if shake in water. Some types of saponins have good anti-microbial to support health.

In addition to the above compounds, waterleaf also contains vitamin A. It is the best source for maintaining eye health and vision. There is also vitamin C which is useful for maintaining immunity and supporting body performance. Then, there is a very good calcium for bone health.

Waterleaf Health Benefits
waterleaf soup vegetable

The Waterleaf Health Benefits

Based on some of the above nutrients, then the benefits of waterleaf for health is extraordinary. Here we look further

1. Anti-Diarrhea Vegetable

Diarrhea is a dangerous disease because it could potentially lose lives. This disease causes the body dehydrate and weaken. The cause of diarrhea is eating dirty food and not washing hands before eat. For that, consume the clean vegetables and one of the good vegetables to overcome the diarrhea is waterleaf.

2. Prevents Atherosclerosis

It is a disease of the arteries resulting from accumulated fat. This disease resulted in blockage of blood flow so that blood does not smoothly to heart and brain. Consuming waterleaf can prevent Atherosclerosis

3. Antioxidant Source

The content of flavonoids in waterleaf acts as an antioxidant. Compounds that are useful to repel free radicals that cause damage to healthy cells. When healthy cells are oxidized, cancer cells will appear.

4. Prevent Thrombus

Thrombus is a blood clot as a result of not dilute. Consuming waterleaf can prevent blood clots or thrombus. Blood clots are harmful to health because they can cause clots in the brain. Finally there was meningitis. Waterleaf is one of the vegetables that provide substances to fight thrombus.

5. Prevent high blood pressure

High blood pressure is very dangerous because it can lead to death. Blood pressure can occur due to blockage of blood flow due to fat. Waterleaf is proven to prevent high blood pressure and heart-related diseases.

6. Boost immunity

Waterleaf contains vitamin C supplements that are useful for boosting immunity. Avoid the body from bacteria and virus attack due to pollution and unclean environment.

7. Maintains Eye health

Waterleaf contains vitamin A, a vitamin that plays an important role in the process of vision. Vitamin A helps retinol to capture light and objects that pass through the retina into brain neurons. Then the brain visualizes it as an accurate picture

8. Prevents Cataracts

In addition to vitamin A, the eyes also need vitamin C to keep it free from cataracts, namely eye lens damage. Cataracts can lead to blur and even permanent vision loss.

9. Lowers Cholesterol

Besides beneficial to prevent high blood pressure, waterleaf health benefits also for lowering bad cholesterol and raise HDL. This is important to prevent heart disease such as stroke and hypertension.

10. Prevents Cancer

Consuming waterleaf has the extraordinary benefit for preventing cancer. Cancer is a disease that attacks normal cells, belonging to deadly diseases in the world. Many cancer patients can not be cured with a total of many that lead to death. So, one way to prevent cancer is to consume waterleaf regularly.

11. Prevents Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a disease that causes lack of bone density. This happens the body does not get enough calcium. Waterleaf is a green vegetable that can provide a supply of calcium for the body.

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