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Wasabi Health Benefits, Types and Nutrition Value

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Wasabi Health Benefits – Wasabi is a vegetable including Brassicaceae family that includes cabbage, horseradish, and mustard. Wasabi is also is known as Japanese horseradish. Indeed, these plants differ with horseradish in general. Its roots have a very subtle aroma and is used as a cooking spice.

Wasabi grew and cultivated along the valley of the mountains in Japan. While wasabi available in the market there are two kinds. These are “Daruma” and “Mazuma”. But there are many other types of wasabi.

The wasabi health benefits also wrapped in some Japanese dishes such as devoutly. Pale green color and strong flavor makes many people consider it the same as rape. It is the reason why Wasabi also called as horseradish or Japanese radish. Wasabi is a vegetable or food supplement from Japan and is usually found in Japanese cuisine, but you can also get wasabi in some tavern vegetables.

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If you’re looking for a family food supplement, o wrong occasionally tried wasabi because wasabi health benefits are very remarkable for the body. Here we present 12 health benefits of this Japanese radish.

12 Wasabi Health Benefits

1. Antimicrobial Foods
One of the wasabi health benefits is as anti-microbe. Perhaps this is also the reason why wasabi complements the sushi. Sushi is raw food from fish, fresh fish and can not be separated from the bacterial content therein.

Wasabi presence in this dish can reduce bacteria and microbes in food. However, wasabi can not kill the bacteria completely because bacteria can only be killed by cooking foods.

2. It was an anti-cancer
Wasabi is a rich source of chemicals called isothiocyanates. Isothiocyanates are chemical substances that are essential in the attack cancer cells. It is the same with the cabbage and turnip. This makes the wasabi health benefits is very interested in a lot of people.

Isothiocyanates substance work to stimulates enzymes in the liver that detoxify various hazardous materials before they become cancerous. The interesting thing is wasabi work in killing the cancer would like soursop leaves, ie without damaging normal cells.

3. Characteristically anti-inflammatory
The Wasabi health benefits as a home-based anti-inflammatory drugs. Various inflammation in the body can be minimized by eating wasabi.

4. Good for cardiovascular health
There is another reason that it sounds very important to include wasabi in your diet. Wasabi is a vegetable that can keep you from cardio. The anti-hypercholesterolaemic make wasabi has extraordinary health benefits. The anti-hypercholesterolaemic will reduce bad cholesterol in the body, can reduce stroke and heart attack.

5. Low calorie food
On the other side, wasabi is a low-calorie foods, in 1 oz only contains 130 cal. With a small calorie lets you make wasabi to snacks and chips. Consuming wasabi means to lose weight or maintain your ideal weight.

6. Characteristically anti-bacterial
Other wasabi health benefits is avoid swelling. Because anti-bacteria, wasabi at launch palm as anti-inflammatory agents, anti-tumor, and even improve platelet clumping.

In a study showed that wasabi able to stop the strain of bacteria that cause food poisoning. Besides that, wasabi is also useful to kill the bacteria that cause dental caries.

7. Maintain healthy digestion
Wasabi is a load fiber food for intestinal health. It removes the harmful toxins in the gut. In 1 oz contains 4 grams of fiber. It makes wasabi excelled in cleansing the intestinal tract of various leftovers and keep you from colitis illness.

8. Inflammation and Arthritis
Wasabi health benefits in dealing with arthritis and inflammation also deserve to know. Because the plant can reduce the smell of cases of inflammation of the joints, swelling and helpful to subdue arthritis problems. Isothiocyanates compounds said to reduce inflammation, ligament, and joint pain.

Other studies have shown that the health benefits of wasabi are also good for the bones that prevent brittle bones and strengthen bones. Also, isothiocyanates also prevent platelet aggregation to prevent cardiovascular disease.

9. Preventing tooth decay
Wasabi also has a good effect to keep the quality of your teeth because it can reduce the presence of bacteria Streptococcus mutans. In addition, Isothiocyanates substances able to avoid sugar on the teeth, so that tooth decay can be prevented. Diligently consume these foods will keep you away from the dentist.

10. Good for breathing
Wasabi is an important food in the defense of the respiratory system against a particular pathogen. Gas produced from wasabi will lead to an efficient response in the nose and sinuses. Thus, the liberation of this gas will prevent the spread of pathogens in the respiratory system.

Wasabi benefits clear the sinuses when you gas up to your nose. It will help a person who often suffer from seasonal allergies and the common cold.

11. Prevents Abnormal Clot Formation
Besides, the wasabi health benefits are assisting in the prevention of heart attack and even prevent stroke.

12. Preventing cavities
Bacteria that cause your teeth cavities is Streptococcus mutants. It is very annoying and should be completed soon. Based on research, that wasabi can stop the development of bacteria in the mouth. The content of isothiocyanates provides aid against sugar on the teeth.

Wasabi Nutrition Value

Essential Components 
Ash1.9 g
Protein4.8 g
Water69.1 g
Calories From Carbohydrate90.4 (378 kJ)
Calories From Fat5.3 (22.2kJ)
Total Calories109 (456 kJ)
Total Carbohydrate23.5 g
Fats & Fatty Acids
Monounsaturated Fat~
Polyunsaturated Fat~
Saturated Fat~
Total Fat0.6 g
Folate18.0 mcg
Niacin0.7 mg
Pantothenic Acid0.2 mg
Vitamin A35.0 IU
Vitamin B60.3 mg
Vitamin C41.9 mg
Calcium128 mg
Copper0.2 mg
Iron1.0 mg
Magnesium69.0 mg
Phosphorus80.0 mg
Potassium568 mg
Sodium17.0 mg
Zinc1.6 mg

Types of Wasabi

Wasabi has many types, but just kind of Daruma and Mazuma are often found. Among the two types is only Daruma that widely cultivated. While Mazuma only a small portion is grown. However, the type of Mazuma much hotter than the Daruma.

1. Wasabi Daruma

daruma wasabi, wasabi health benefitsWasabi many types cultivated in Japan, in the valley of the mountains

2. Wasabi Mazuma

wasabi health benefitsThis type of wasabi is hotter than the Daruma. But the little developed.

Use of Wasabi in the Culinary

Wasabi becomes a staple spice in certain foods in Japan as Sushi, Soba, Soba noodles, sashimi, and other controversial food.

Wasabi leaf can be made as a salad or as a complement to the dish or made into a pickle.

Thus the wasabi health benefits and nutritional value it contains. If you want to try different foods, try the wasabi, who knows you become one of these food connoisseurs.

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