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Why Using Vape Pens Is Better For Your Health Than Smoking Cigarettes

by Sarah Syakira

Have you ever walked past someone who seems to be holding something that looks like a pen, but when they put it in their mouth, they emit some vapor with a pleasant aroma? If yes, then that is what is known as a vape pen.

Well, the use of vape pens has gained popularity all over the world as most people are now ditching the conventional way of smoking. Studies have shown that vaping is by far better than smoking especially to your health, and here’s how;

1. You can control your nicotine intake

Nicotine is one of the harmful chemicals among 7000 others that are found in tobacco. With the conventional way of smoking, it was quite hard for one to know the amount of nicotine they consumed in a single session, let alone the whole day. On the other hand, with vape pens, you can be able to tell the amount of nicotine you are subjecting your body to.

How so? Well, the vape pens come in different sizes, meaning that while buying, you know the exact size of the vape tank. This, in turn, means that you can be able to tell the amount of nicotine you take in a day. So much so, you do not have to finish the whole vape juice in one session; you can always take a break whenever. You can look at some of the vape pens on and buy any that you want.

2. Say goodbye to tooth stains

Your dental hygiene is of utmost importance. One of the telltale signs that someone is an active smoker is if they have tooth stains. The tar and ash that are found in smoke from cigarettes are the chemicals that cause your teeth to have stains.  And having the tooth stains means that you will be giving bacteria room to multiply, causing other dental issues such as tooth decay.

However, by using vape pens, you will be avoiding having tooth stains since the vaping output is steam, which does not contain the tar and ash.

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3. It helps you quit smoking completely

Smoking has been linked to many health issues, lung cancer being one of them. As such, most smokers are always looking forward to quitting smoking.

But truth be told, quitting to smoke is not as easy. But did you know that using vape pens can slowly kill the habit? Well, e liquids contain lesser chemicals, meaning that you can get instant satisfaction. As a result, you can gradually let go of the smoking habit and in turn, live a healthy life.

With the vaping health benefits mentioned above, it is about time you forget about smoking and start using vape pens.

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