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There are so many types of donuts, we have collected at least 25 types of donuts that are delicious and soft. If you are a donuts lover, of course you will find this article. Donuts are a soft food with a variety of flavors and fillings. Donuts are made from various flours, sometimes some use other ingredients such as sweet potatoes or potatoes and so on.

Here we will briefly explain about the various donuts that you may like. Some of them are our favorite foods and of course your favorites too. Let’s take a look at everyone’s favorite soft food one by one.

Popular Types of Donuts You Might Like

1. Yeast donuts

Yeast donuts type

Yeast donuts are soft cakes that are processed using yeast as a cake developer. This type usually has a hole in the middle.

As a topping, yeast donuts usually use cinnamon, granulated, frosted and powdered sugar. This type of donuts looks very delicious with a variety of dipping ingredients such as chocolate, or using a very delicious melted strawberry.

2. Glazed Donuts

Glazed Donuts type

It’s called glazed donuts because it’s topped with glaze. From the appearance alone, we are already very appetizing, especially when we take a bite for the first time.

You can make glazed donuts with various variations depending on the topping ingredients, but what is very commonly used for topping is chocolate glaze.

2. Cake donuts

Cake donuts one of the types of conuts

There is also a type of Cake donuts, this is a type of soft cake made using baking powder as a cake developer.

This type of donuts is said to be denser in texture than donuts developed with yeast. So, in general these donuts are more crumbly and dry.

4. Sugar Donuts

Sugar Donuts

Another type of donuts is Sugar Donuts, as the name suggests this donuts uses a sugar topping.

The appearance is smooth with powdered sugar that covers the donuts. It is very sweet and tender, perfect for those of you who want to enjoy a sweet cake with a rich taste.

5. Powder Donuts

Powder Donuts one od types of donuts

Powder Donuts are donuts covered with powdered white sugar. This white icing is very unique and tempting the taste buds. Of course if someone gives it for free, this is hard to refuse.

6. Churros


There is also a type of Churros, this is a unique type of donuts because of its unusual shape, it is long. The way of making it is by frying it and then pouring it with sugar.

At first glance it seems very delicious, but you need to know that how to eat churros donuts is to dip them in chocolate. This adds to the temptation for donuts connoisseurs.

7. Crumb Donuts

Crumb Donuts

Crumb donuts are delicious, creamy cakes. Usually grilled and not fried, so it’s healthier than using cooking oil.

These donuts contain a lot of crumbs which can make these foods more crunchy and delicious.

8. Chocolate sprinkles

Chocolate sprinkles

Chocolate sprinkle is a type of donuts that is decorated with or sprinkled with chocolate and sugar on top.

Using chocolate and sugar to be your child’s favorite food. Its soft texture makes this cake also loved by adults. Chocolate sprinkles are delicious and tantalizing our taste buds who have tried them or who have just seen their appearance.

10. Cream filled donuts

Cream filled donuts one types of donuts

Are you a cream lover? It turns out that there are also donuts that use cream. How to use cream on these donuts is to be injected into it. Cream filled donuts vary widely such as Boston cream and Long John types.

There are also donuts filled with cream that use pudding. If you don’t like cream, you can order donuts that use pudding.

9. Fruit filled

Donuts filled with fresh fruit or fruit that has been preserved. These donuts are covered with frosting, when you bite into the filling, you will feel the sweetness of this cake.

There are many types of filling used, sometimes using lemon, raspberry, blueberry and some also using strawberry. So, you can buy according to your taste.

11. Jelly Donuts

The next type of donuts are jelly donuts. These are donuts infused with jelly, another sweet filling like jam.

This is a type of donuts without a hole in the middle like normal donuts. Jelly donuts also come in several variations such as berliner, bomboloni, and sufganiyot variants.

12. Sour cream donuts

It turns out that there are donuts that are even more unique, called sour cream donuts. If you buy these donuts, you will know that the inside is injected with sour cream.

The result is a donuts that tastes rich and is loved by many.

15. Cinnamon Twist Donuts

These are also long donuts using cinnamon sugar. If you are looking for breakfast, try the Cinnamon Twist Donuts, not only delicious with a cinnamon taste, but also healthy because of the astringent content in cinnamon.

This is a delicious and healthy snack to have for breakfast.

14. Apple fritters

Apple fritters are donuts made with yeast as the developer. In the dough using apple slices and cinnamon powder.

This dough is then fried until golden, you can buy it at a donuts shop or make it yourself from home. Later we will give you a recipe for how to make delicious Apple fritters.

13. Boston Cream Donuts

These are donuts filled with custard, topped with a layer of chocolate frosting. If you like to eat donuts to wash your mouth, then Boston Cream Donuts is the choice.

This donuts uses Boston cream and feels very light because it uses a cake developer from yeast.

16. Crullers

These are donuts made with long dough in the shape of a torpedo weapon. This is unique because it looks like nuclear, maybe for those of you who want to eat nuclear, you can try Crullers.

New Englanders love these donuts and they are very popular there.

17. Cronuts

This is a unique donuts cake, born from the cross of a donuts cake and a croissant. Cronuts were first discovered at the Dominique Ansel Bakery bakery and this was made by chef Dominique Ansel.

Now this new type of donuts is well known and is a favorite food for many people.

18. Spudnuts

This is another type of donuts or you could say a cross between a potato and a donuts.

Some use potato starch, and others use mashed potatoes for a healthier and more natural version. Next, this dough is fried like how to make regular donuts. These soft, potato-flavoured donuts have been in America since the 1900s.

These are cakes that are popular as potato donuts.

21. Maple bar

Previously there were donuts covered with sweet glaze, now there are donuts covered with maple glaze.

The maple bar donuts are also covered in many fillings such as cream and custard. Besides being known as the “Maple Bar”, this soft cake is also known by names such as maple bacon, Long John maple, Maple-creamstick and maple bismarck.

20. Long Johns

Have you ever heard the name “Long John” donuts, unique and of course not only unique but also delicious. This is a type of donuts made with yeast. It is rectangular in shape, and has a hole in the middle like a pipe. But the filling is pudding or jelly.

19. Coconut Donuts

Coconut donuts are a type of traditional donuts that can be found in many countries around the world. Topped with grated coconut, toasted, and the texture is crunchy.

22. Malasadas

Malasadas are another type of donuts made with yeast. Originally from Portugal but is now a popular cake in Hawaii.

These donuts are deep-fried, and sometimes filled with fruit and vanilla.

24. Tiger tail

This is a type of long-shaped donuts, the pastry is twisted with chocolate ingredients.

The two twisted brown materials have different colors and it looks like a tiger’s tail. That’s why, this cake is known as “tiger tail”.

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23. Bear Claw

There are also bear claws types of donuts you should know, these are not real paws but these are one of a kind donuts.

These are not new donuts but have been around since the 1920s and are usually topped with crushed almonds or almond paste. If you want to try it yourself at home, and don’t have almond paste, just use natural almond shards. This will give it a crispier and tastier texture.

25. Buttermilk

Talking about Buttermilk, of course you will be pleased with the taste. The taste will be a little sharp and made with dough donuts. The use of buttermilk is as a topping or as a shaper on the outside that can be appetizing.

Those are 25 types of donuts that popular and delicious in taste, which one of them is your favorite. We are sure you will love this soft cake. Not only soft, but some use cinnamon which is known to be good for health.

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