Health Benefits of Turmeric Essential Oil

6 Effective Health Benefits of Turmeric Essential Oil

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Benefits of Turmeric Essential Oil – Turmeric is a perennial plant producing tubers. Bulbs of this plant has many health benefits due to their substance called curcumin. The benefits of turmeric has been known since thousands of years ago. Up to now, turmeric always present in dishes and cuisines of various regions.

The ways to get the medicinal benefits of turmeric can be a variety of ways. One way is to consume the water decoction of turmeric, used in cooking or using turmeric essential oil. Turmeric oil has extraordinary usefulness ranging from health to beauty.

Benefits of Turmeric Essential Oil

Benefits of Turmeric Essential Oil

1. Anti-cancer

Please be aware that turmeric and turmeric oil is a natural anti-cancer substance. Using turmeric essential oil can be an antioxidant and free radical dispel. In addition, it also served as antinociceptive and anti-inflammatory.

In turmeric also contains an active substance called curcumin, its active substances against colon cancer.

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2. Diabetes

Turmeric essential oil is also beneficial for diabetics. This oil can lower glucose levels and reverse the insulin resistance. Turmeric oil acts as an anti diabetic and antioxidants in diabetes, especially for those who suffer from diabetes type-1. Another benefit for diabetic is prevent the buildup of plaque in the arteries and increase metabolism.

3. Anti-inflammatory

The Turmeric essential oil containing alpha curcumin as much as 60-65%. Alpha is the main constituent curcumin in turmeric that gives anti-inflammatory. For maximum results, you can use turmeric oil that is mixed with other essential oils like frankincense oil to increase the anti-inflammatory agent.

4. Common cold

You suffer from common cold? Turmeric essential oil could be one solution. Inhalation of turmeric oil that has dissolved in the water will soon eliminate the stuffy nose. Inhalation of turmeric essential oil can also handle problems with the flu as soon as he also kills germs that cause the flu.

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5. Kidney stones

For patients with kidney stones, using turmeric essential oil is one form of treatment. Did you know that turmeric oil is able to alter the metabolism of oxalate. Oxalate is forming kidney stones. So, they which often experience these problems should be careful when taking turmeric supplements.

6. Good for digestion

Furthermore, the benefits of turmeric Essential oils is help digestive problems mainly related to gas. Zingiberene and 6-gingerol are compound that works actively to assist.

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