Health Benefits of Tsuga Essential Oil

Health Benefits of Tsuga Essential Oil

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Tsuga essential oil is an herbal medicine that is now widely used in the world of traditional medicine. Tsuga is an oil that comes from the konefer plant either from its branches or from its leaves. Everything is processed by steam distillation and produces tsuga essential oil.

Bornyl acetate is one of the active chemicals in tsuga which has many health benefits. In addition, it also contains compounds such as limonene, alpha pinene, beta phellandrene, beta pinene, myrcene, sobornyl acetate and 3-carene. This content causes health benefits of Tsuga is high and really valuable.

Tsuga oil color is yellowish and some of it is colorless. Coniferous trees as a place for the emergence of tsuag oil can grow to a height of 31 meters. The aroma is slightly earthy and refreshing. If you look at the tree, its growth is like an evergreen, it is cone shaped where the edges are tapered.

This tsuga tree comes from America, especially eastern North America. The area where many of these plants are found is in Ontario, Canada. Even if you go to the United States, you can find them in Alabama and Indiana. Local residents have long used tsuga inyak as traditional medicine.

In Chinese medicine, tsuga plant is widely used due its health benefits, as it is in Ayurvedic medicine. Where is tsuga essential oil used? Below we see the explanation.

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Health Benefits of Tsuga Essential Oil

– For people with urinary tract diseases, skin diseases, and kidney diseases, tsuga oil can be used.

– Tsuga oil is a remedy for treating acne and blackheads

– Good for breathing and cleansing and purifying blood

– Caring for the body and eliminating aches

– Prevents premature aging and maintains skin moisture, so that the skin looks healthy and youthful.

– Tsuga essential oil is an herb that is used for bronchitis, coughing, colds, fatigue, stress and muscle aches.


  • For those of you who want to use tsuga oil, you should pay attention to the following points:
  • For pregnant women who wish to use tsuga oil, you should consult a doctor for advice and further information.
  • Consult with experts before you use this oil.
  • You should not use this oil on mucous membranes such as on the nose, eyes, mouth or ears and any injured part of the skin.
  • How to use it, its must first test a small area
  • For mothers who are breastfeeding and pregnant women, you should first consult with a doctor.