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Tomato Health Benefits, The Reason To Eat Tomatoes

by Sarah Syakira

Tomato Health Benefits – Tomato plants are still allies to eggplant, potatoes. In a variety of cuisines use tomatoes, so many people think that tomatoes are a vegetable. Though the tomato is a fruit, because it contains pulp and seeds are safe if swallowed.

The tomato finding is South America; then this plant began in cultivation thoroughly until now have been spread out to all ridges of the world. Tomatoes health benefits are great, you can take this benefits by eating tomatoes directly or by making tomato juice.

The benefits of tomatoes not only as a healthy food but also often a natural ingredient for beauty treatments, it is by making masks tomatoes. Most content in tomatoes are C vitamin, so it is great to boost your immunity and keep the skin from free radical attack. In this concise article, we will see the tomato health benefits, as for the beauty of skin, hair, face.

The Amazing of Tomato Health Benefits

1. Reducing fat in the body

Excessive fat can trigger high blood pressure and increasing weight. For reduce fat in the body you need various efforts such as exercise and diet regulation.

If you have not successfully to lose weight with exercise, trying to help with eating tomatoes regularly just before exercise. Tomatoes contain no fat, just high in protein, carbohydrates, and calories. All three of these nutrients has an important role in weight problems, you can set them with movement activities such as jogging, gym, and others.

2. Build your muscle

Tomato health benefits to building muscle. A thin body received less attention than women, so many men trying to form muscles to become an attraction for most women. True, or not. . ?

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Not only build muscle by lifting weights every day, but you also need rest, because the rest is very useful for setting the muscles become more perfect, once your muscles get a workout load. You should know that there are some foods that support the posture, one of them is a tomato. Tomatoes are rich in protein, so it is very good in the formation of the body muscles. To get a muscular body, you can eat tomatoes before exercise or after exercise.

3. Prevent Cancer

Tomatoes are also beneficial for preventing cancer. The high content of antioxidants in tomatoes becomes important for health, especially in dispels the seeds of cancer. Diligent eat tomatoes can prevent serious illness such as breast cancer, colon, and lung, it is can be handled effectively by this fruit.

4. Counteract free radicals

Another tomato health benefits also can counteract free radicals from ultraviolet rays. The medical expert or medical specialist gives credence to the flavonoids and zeaxanthin in counteracting free radicals. Both of these compounds are antioxidants that are most numerous in tomatoes.

5. Keeping teeth and bones strong and healthy

Tomatoes are a supplier of calcium that is used to maintain the bone that is not chip easily, also strengthens the teeth and keep them healthy. At the time of the formation of bone, calcium is necessary to get perfect results.

6. Healthy eyes

Tomato health benefits for the eye. For those of you who suffer from eye minus frequently recommended consuming tomatoes so that your eye diseases is not increased. You know why?

Tomatoes have been recognized by many as a fruit that can nourish the eye as it includes much vitamin A, and some other nutrients such as niacin, thiamine, and folic acid. All these substances work together to cure health problems in the eye.

6. Set the heart rate

There is about 235 mg of potassium in the medium tomato slice. The content is useful to control the heart rate in the blood pumping and keep working stably. Other tomato health benefits are avoiding from heart disease and stroke.

9. Meeting the needs of Daily Vitamins

If you are idle to take supplements to reach the daily vitamin needs, try to replace it with tomato. Tomatoes will give you 20% of the daily nutritional requirements. According to the USDA in a slice of tomato contain all nutrients needed by the body’s organs to work properly.

10. Controlling blood sugar

The next tomato health benefits are controlling your blood sugar. Blood sugar should not exceed reasonable limits in order not increase the risk of diabetes. You can control blood sugar by eating tomatoes regularly. Tomatoes are a source of chromium needed by body in order the amount of blood sugar does not soar.

Those are ten tomato health benefits. This magical fruit readily available, because it can be grown easily in a variety of agricultural land. However, tomatoes are not included in durable fruits, quickly decaying. Now, tomato often processed to sauce in order can be stored longer.

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