10 Tips for Starting a Baby Food-Based YouTube Channel

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The time has arrived. You’ve decided to start your own YouTube food channel after hearing over and over that video content is the way to go. You are all ready and seeking a bomb start, right?

As a food blogger, it’s critical to keep expanding your brand and coming up with new ways to share your ideas. Well, when it comes to YouTube, what better way to bring them to life than through video? But, before you spend your tax refund on expensive equipment and software, read these 10 tips to become the best Baby food YouTuber you can be.

1. Have a Schedule

The YouTube algorithm favors creators who publish frequently and on a regular basis. Choose a publishing day that works for you and stick to it religiously. Remember that it is preferable to publish one great weekly video rather than many in order to have a larger output.

To keep your subscribers up to date on your channel’s schedule, include it in your videos and on your channel art. If you don’t want to commit to a specific day, at least state that you’ll publish new content every week. (Because you’re going to, right?)

Tips for Starting a Baby Food-Based YouTube Channel

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2. Pick a Niche

People are more likely to return to a channel where they know they will find a specific type of content. As you decided what the main subject of your videos will be; Baby food, from the start. This will greatly help your channel grow faster. Baking, budget cooking, healthy, quick recipes… the possibilities are endless and inspiring.

A niche can also be determined by the tone of your content. You could, for example, add humor to every video or be the channel that combines baby’s healthy routine discussion and gluten-free recipes.

3. Don’t Go Equipment Crazy

Yes, you must produce high-quality images and audio. However, purchasing the latest and greatest will not guarantee that you will make it big on YouTube. For the first few months, start with what you have or borrow a friend’s camera. If you stick with it, you can gradually upgrade your equipment.

4. Focus on Appetite Appeal

Make each shot as delicious as possible. Take the time to plan out your video so that each section is visually appealing: use nice pots and pans, pretty bulk baby food pouches, adjust the lighting, and keep the area you’re filming in clean.

You want people to salivate as they watch your recipes being prepared! You should also take the time to create appealing channel art that clearly identifies your channel as a food channel.

5. Plan How You’ll Share on Social Media

When the filming is finished, the work is not finished. You’ll need a few images to make a deliciously inviting thumbnail for each video. Aside from the thumbnail, always make a separate image for Instagram and your Facebook page.

This is because you will be frequently embedding videos in blog posts hence, also make sure you have plenty of images to use in the post and to create a vertical visual that will be pinned on Pinterest.

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6. Think Globally

YouTube connects the world, however, not everyone cooks the same way! Share measurements in both imperial and metric units to help your channel attract subscribers from all over the world. If you’re using local ingredients like maple syrup, curd cheese, or Saskatoon berries, provide a substitute that non-Canadians can use.

When there is meat in a recipe, you can provide vegetarian ingredient alternatives whenever possible on your baby food channel.

7. Follow The Trends

Similarly to the blogosphere, it is critical to provide ideas that are inspired by what people are currently searching for. So, pay attention to the seasons and be inspired by what’s new and trendy.

You can also participate in the fun by keeping an eye on YouTube trending videos. You could, for example, create a video with the 10 best DIY tips on home gardening. Another recent trend is to have your partner or a sibling do the voice-over for one of your videos in a funny way. All this will add a fun element to your niche-specific YouTube channel.

8. Think Series

A themed baby recipe week is a great way to draw attention to your channel and gain new subscribers. You could do an all-vegan week, a cooking with baby week, a 5-day empty-the-fridge challenge, or anything else that inspires you. This encourages people to visit your channel on a daily basis, which YouTube rewards with higher rankings (and thus more eyes on your content).

9. Get Personal

The connection that creators form with their subscribers is one of the reasons YouTube is so popular. So put your face in the videos, ask people to leave suggestions in the comments, and make sure to read and respond to the comments people leave you. Developing an active community around your channel is critical to its success.

10. It’s All About the Data

You should always use relevant keywords in your video’s title, description, and tags. Consider these three factors to be SEO rocket boosters. Youtube analytics also provides important information about how people consume your content. You can use this helpful data in order to improve your Youtube videos. In this way, you will be able to make them more and better relevant to your subscribers as compared to their past interests.


After working full-time on YouTube, some users achieve even greater success by transitioning to network television. For example, Hannah Hart, the host of the YouTube cooking show “My Drunk Kitchen,” for example, now has the most famous Food Network show called “I Hart Food.”

If you are willing to put in the time and are creative enough to attract a following, YouTube could quickly propel your food career out of your kitchen and into the spotlight.

Happy filming!

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