Tips For Choosing A Cosmetic Surgeon

Tips For Choosing A Cosmetic Surgeon

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Many people used to keep cosmetic surgery a secret, but now it is much more accepted.

1 billion dollars is spent annually by Australians on cosmetic procedures, as stated by the Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery. In 2020, non-invasive procedures, for example dermal filler and anti-wrinkle injections, increased by 25% and 14% respectively.

The appeal of looking physically attractive is what encourages people to choose elective cosmetic surgery. This is unique from reconstructive surgery which is done to fix deformities caused by birth defect, medical condition, or accident. The earliest case of this reconstructive surgery is thought to have been in the 1400s, while an old Indian scripture Sushruta Samhita from the 8th century BCE describes the skin-grafting process.

Cosmetic surgery is a major decision that should not be taken lightly. Doing your research on both the history of the practice and the surgeon you’ve chosen is essential in order to ensure a positive experience.

Follow these tips to choose the right cosmetic surgeon for you.

Ask Questions

When meeting with your surgeon prior to your procedure, make sure to ask about post-operative care at the medical facility. This might already be included in what you’re paying for, but it’s still important information to have nonetheless. In addition, find out if there will be any pain or discomfort after the surgery and how you can ease it. You should also ask about potential side effects of the surgery such as scarring and what can be done about them afterwards. Lastly, determine whether or not you’ll need time off from work in order to recover– this is key information in making your decision.

Do Your Homework

The hospital will have the information you need on qualified cosmetic surgeons who practice near you. Talk to your regular doctor for feedback on these professionals’ reliability. You may also want to ask friends or family about their experiences with cosmetic procedures, as well as get any recommendations they may have. Along with gathering references, be sure to do some research so you can compile a list of consultants near you.

Find Out The Risks Involved

There are always risks when you have surgery because it changes your body in some way. Talk to your surgeon about what those risks might be for the specific procedure you’re thinking of having done, and don’t forget to ask about their experience performing that type of surgery.

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Get Multiple Opinions

The surgeons will examine you during the initial consultation in order to determine what your expectations are. They will then suggest the best procedure for achieving those expectations and explain the practicalities of it. If you have questions about anything, feel free to ask them.

Find Out The Costs

It is important to know all the costs involved before proceeding with any medical procedures. Ask your doctor or consultant for a clear and itemized cost schedule to avoid any unexpected charges later on.

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