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The Best Daily Skincare Regimen You Have to Try

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Beauty tips are always the best selling material for discussion. Everyone, especially women, is now attached to beauty trends and love to try every new product that comes out in the market. The latest innovation is now able to combine ancient beauty tricks with a little touch of technology.

Best Skincare Routine in the Morning

Daytime is when our skin is most exposed to bacteria build-up and environmental stress. So before we step out of the house, we have to make sure our skin is fresh and protected. Here are some steps you can do in the morning:

Step 1. Cleanse

First, all you have to do is cleanse the skin using clean water. You don’t need to use a facial scrub. By using clean water, you can clean some of the dirt on your face that happens when you sleep. In addition, the water can also keep the skin well hydrated. If you don’t feel like cleansing with water alone is enough, you can opt for a mild facial cleanser.

Step 2. Use Toner

Toner has a purpose to balance the pH of the skin. This is intended to maintain hydration on your skin. In addition, the toner is also useful to absorb the product that you will use. Application for a toner should not be harsh. Instead, you simply need to press it in your skin.

Step 3. Serum

A serum is a blood plasma without fibrinogen, it is not a blood cell and not coagulation. This is the concentration of active ingredients that did not exist before. Serum use is closely related to facial skin care such as on how to get rid of dark circles under the eyes [link is removed due to dead link], wrinkles, black spots, and dehydration.

Step 4. Moisturize

Furthermore, use a gentle moisturizer on a thin tissue to maintain comfort and prevent dehydrated skin. This will maintain the stability of the fluid in the skin.

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Step 5. Protect with Sunscreen

Another important thing to do is to use sunscreen, especially during summer. This is important to keep your skin protected from ultraviolet light. It is will help you avoid wrinkles, dark spots, and fine lines on the face.

Doing these steps may somehow look time-consuming but you can do a 5-minute routine each day. Your skin will thank you as you commit to this.

Skincare Routine in the Night

Nighttime skin care routine is a little bit different to your morning routine. This is the time where you have to remove all sorts of makeup and to relax your face that have been exhausted due to exposure to bacteria and pollution.

Step 1. Remove Makeup

Oil-based cleaning products are best used for night care. It aims to eliminate makeup that cannot be removed by water-based cleansers. You can also choose cleansers intended to remove makeup such as a miscellar water.

Step 2. Double-cleansing

In removing makeup, you don’t have to scrub your face to make sure your makeup is fully removed. That’s why double-cleansing is recommended to be done as part of you nighttime routine. This time, water-based cleanser is needed so that the residue from the oil can be removed.

Step 3. Exfoliate

Though this is recommended as a weekly routine, if you really want to exfoliate, do a gentle exfoliation. Use a bead-based exfoliator twice a week. It is useful for removing dead skin cells. Dead cells cause clogged pores and prevent absorption of nutrients from care products.

Step 4. Toner

In night care, you also need to use toner as you do in the morning. It aims to balance the pH of the skin. This will also help remove any other residue.

Step 5. Serum

Then, follow with serum in certain areas that need special attention. Choose a serum that focuses on hydration and skin regeneration with anti-oxidant as an active ingredient.

Step 6. Eye Cream

There are specially-formulated creams for the eyes as the skin in this area is the thinnest and more fragile. Choose the best eye cream perfect for your skin’s age to help get rid of under eye circles and wrinkles.

Step 7. Moisturizer

The last thing to complete skin care at night is moisturizer. Use moisturizers that intended for night use. This treatment will make you wake up with skin that has been remodeled, this is amazing!