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superfoods for pregnant woman

11 Superfoods for Pregnant Women

by Sarah Syakira

Superfoods for Pregnant Women. Pregnancy is not an easy phase for women, many physical changes occur in women during pregnancy, this has a tremendous impact on her life. Starting from morning nausea and cravings with various types of food are just some of the things that always occurs in pregnant women, not to mention the various other painful things. But women still want to experience it for baby birth safe and healthy.

For this reason, some experts say that pregnant women should follow a healthy diet and eat more nutritious food to keep everyday activities.

Besides the usual food, you also have another important super-food intake. When you consume superfoods for pregnant woman, then you will get a lot of extra energy.

Lentils, meat, and green vegetables are three combinations of vital foods for pregnant woman because these foods provide plenty of protein that is essential for the growth of your baby in the womb. Here are some superfoods for pregnant woman.

11 Superfoods for Pregnant Woman

1. The dried fruit
One of the superfoods for a pregnant is the dried fruit. If you are a fan of sweet foods including dried fruit then is the solution. Cranberries, apricots, cherries are among the fruit is good for consumption during pregnancy.

2. Soy foods
Soy is a superfood that you should try during pregnancy. Try adding soy to your diet, to add flavor you can add a bit of spice.

3. Oranges
Furthermore, superfoods for pregnant woman is orange, rich in vitamin C, folate, and fiber. Then this is an essential food you add to the daily menu. Besides, oranges also contain lots of water, so it is great to be eaten during pregnancy.

4. Whole Grain Foods
Wheat is mandatory for pregnant women because in wheat contains 3 components of the food was exquisite for pregnancy, namely fiber, zinc, and iron. To obtain these minerals you can consume native wheat or whole grain bread.

5. Leafy Veggies
Besides that, the superfoods for pregnant woman are green vegetables. Such as spinach, broccoli, folate and iron. Also, there is also kale spinach namely calcium-laden foods are good for the bone health of children and pregnant women.

6. Oatmeal.
Oatmeal is a portion of food that contains a lot of complex carbohydrates that are essential to keep the hunger. This can prevent you to consume more food so that you avoid obesity during pregnancy.

7. Eggs
Eggs are healthy foods that hold importance in family nutrition sufficient, But do not choose eggs that are sold freely on the market, because it is the eggs produced by chickens fed with chemicals. Eggs are a major source of protein for pregnancy. Eggs contain all the essential amino acids needed by pregnant women, so do not waste an egg.

8. Cheese
Cheese included in the superfoods for pregnant woman because high in protein and calcium. So, make sure you combine a few grams of dairy foods in your diet to maintain your health during pregnancy.

9. Banana
One banana can give you a fit throughout the day. Banana is a potassium-rich food, this gives you instant energy to keep you from feeling tired in daily activities.

10. Broccoli
Broccoli contains three types of essential nutrients for pregnancy, namely fiber, folate, and calcium. There was also a vitamin C is beneficial to keep your health remains good.

11. Lentils
Lentils are high-fiber foods. These foods are always ready to fight constipation that occurs during pregnancy. So for pregnant women are strongly advised to add a few grams of lentils and beans to your daily menu.

That’s 11 superfoods for pregnant woman, I hope your baby stay healthy and continue to get enough nutrition for growing better.

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