Superfoods to build your muscles

10 Superfoods to Build Your Muscles

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Superfoods to build your muscles – Are you one of the men who want to build muscle mass? If you want to build muscle, there is a set of rules you must obey like regular exercise, eating certain foods. You can build muscle body according to your wishes with regular exercise because its will stimulate your muscle growth.

However, exercise alone is not enough. You need to eat certain foods to shape and build muscle. One of these foods is those that contain protein, healthy carbohydrates, and healthy fats. This strict diet you must keep for supporting your muscle workout. In addition to these nutrients, you also need minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, selenium, iron, and various vitamins.

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Here is a list of superfoods to build your muscles. Exercise regularly and eat healthy foods as there is on the list of superfoods to build muscles below.

Superfoods to Build Your Muscles

1. Eggs
Egg white is a source of protein that is needed to build muscle. Egg white contains high-quality protein with nine essential amino acids that are useful to maximize muscle growth and contain some minerals such as zinc, calcium, and iron.

Egg yolks are also one of the essential components in building muscle. Egg yolk is a source of many vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin K, vitamin E and some B vitamins such as vitamin B12, folic acid, and riboflavin. All nutrients are essential to building your muscle mass by speeding up the metabolism and convert fat into energy.

You can eat one or two eggs for every day and coupled with regular exercise. You can eat boiled eggs, scrambled eggs.

2. Chicken breast
Furthermore, superfoods to build your muscles is chicken breast. It’s the food that you like, besides that this is kind in helping you build muscle mass. The chicken breast is fat-free protein source that helps restore the damaged muscle tissue during exercise. Also, chicken breast contains some nutrients that are good for bodybuilding, such as niacin, vitamin B6, iron, selenium, and zinc.

Excellent chicken breast is cooked in roasted or made soup. Stay away from the skin to consume as much fat.

3. Milk
Furthermore, superfoods to build your muscles is milk. In milk, there are two types of protein within, whey and casein best. Whey protein is a type of protein that can be absorbed quickly and transformed into amino acids in the blood. While casein is a protein that is digested for a long time, this is good for the long-term protein needs.

Besides protein, milk also a source for a variety of vitamins and minerals and good carbohydrates that help you in build your muscle. Milk is also useful as an electrolyte that is ready to preserve your body remains hydrated after exercise.

In this case, you can consume a glass of milk each completed workout. There are also experts who advised consuming chocolate milk because it has a level of the ideal ratio of carbohydrates to protein.

4. Salmon consumption

salmon is one of superfoods to build your muscles In addition to chicken, fish is also one of the superfoods to build muscle mass, especially salmon. Salmon contains a combination of omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA, vitamin B, and high-quality protein that assist build muscle and burn body fat. It helps you to get the whole muscle, and fat-free form.

Salmon also contains minerals such as magnesium, calcium, selenium, iron, which also plays a role in muscle building and restoring the muscle tissue damage.

Eat salmon as much as once a week or twice. You can consume salmon grilled or pan-fried salmon. If there are no salmon, you can replace it with Salmon’s supplements.

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5. Quinoa
Quinoa is a superfood to build your muscles. These foods contain high protein and low in calories. Protein in Quinoa holds all essential amino acids, meaning that it is a complete protein in building muscle mass.

You can eat cooked quinoa, can be made soup or eaten with a salad. Try quinoa consumption after exercise regularly, and then your muscles will grow rapidly.

Quinoa contains some other important nutrients such as fiber, calcium, vitamin E, iron, riboflavin, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, beta-carotene and folic acid.

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6. Nuts
The next superfoods to build muscles are all kinds of nuts. Nuts are the best source of protein, complex carbohydrates, and fiber.

If you seriously want to build muscle, seems to add nuts are the mandatory choice for you because it contains a lot of protein. Protein helps build muscle and maintenance. While fiber is useful for a proper response to insulin, which in turn helps the absorption of various nutrients.

7. Eating Spinach

spinach is one of superfoods to build your muscles Spinach is the best vegetables in increasing strength and muscle. Researchers at Rutgers University in 2008 found that the content in spinach phytoecdysteroids able to increase muscle growth by up to 20%.

Furthermore, spinach contains calcium which is beneficial to relax the muscles and prevent cramps while training.

To get the nutrients in spinach maximally, you can drink the juice of fresh spinach or fresh spinach consumed in the form of salad.

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8. Almonds

almonds is one of superfoods to build your muscles Other good options for you in building muscle mass is almond. It is due to contain lots of protein in Almond, fiber, and vitamin E which plays a role in the formation of muscles.

While on the other hand, Almond antioxidant that works to fight free radicals and aid recovery during training.

Not only that, but almonds also helps burn fat and lowers bad cholesterol in the body and reduces the risk of heart disease.

Almond consumption to one or two servings a day. A portion is a handful or one ounce. Avoid consuming fried almonds because it can increase the calories in the body.

9. Flaxseed

flaxseeds is one of superfoods to build your muscles Other superfoods to build your muscles is flaxseed. Flaxseed is sources of omega 3 fatty acids are beneficial for inflammation. Inflammation needs to be eliminated in the body to build muscle. Consuming flaxseed is good for preventing pain during exercise and good for healing.

Flaxseeds are also a source of fiber that beneficial to increase energy and stamina. Flaxseed is a source of complete protein containing all the essential amino acids needed by the body.

You can consume Flaxseeds in the form of soup, salad, cereals, smoothies and protein shakes. Consumption of these foods before you to bed at night.

10. Sweet potatoes

potatoes is one of superfoods to build your muscles Sweet potato also includes superfoods to build your muscles. The content of vitamins, potassium, fiber and good for bodybuilding purposes. You can consume yams after exercise, complex carbohydrate content in sweet potatoes can fill glycogen for the body.

Besides, the nutrients in sweet potatoes are Vitamin B6, E, D, C, copper, iron, quercetin, magnesium, all of these nutrients are essential for a healthy body. Many fibers in sweet potatoes make it able to control appetite, maintain healthy digestion and burn fat.

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That’s ten superfoods to build your muscles. Exercise regularly and eat super be mandatory for those who want to build muscle mass and become a bodybuilding.

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