Super foods That Contain Electrolytes

12 Super foods That Contain Electrolytes

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Super foods That Contain Electrolytes – Maybe you’ve heard of ORS. This is a drink that contains electrolytes. The human body needs a balance of nutrients for good health.

Beverages containing electrolytes it is a beverage made from the combination of several minerals like magnesium, potassium, calcium, sodium, chloride, hydrogen phosphate and hydrogen bicarbonate. The drink was maintaining fluid balance in the body and keep the moisture cells and always hydrated.

12 Super foods That Contain Electrolytes

Do you know what happens if your body is not enough electrolytes? When the body is deficient in electrolytes, various health problems occur such as cramps, headaches, seizures and even brain and muscle problems.

Electrolytes are lost through vomiting, diarrhea or strenuous exercise that emit a lot of sweat, the body’s electrolyte must be immediately refilled. Here are some Super foods That Contain Electrolytes.

1. Young coconut water
Young coconut water is one of the many types of water containing electrolytes. The water is very fresh, sweet and a source of much-needed electrolytes the body. No water energy that has tremendous benefits such as coconut water, then when you lose a lot of sweat, immediately refill with fresh coconut water.

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2. Food colors (red, yellow, orange)
You can find this food very easily. The food was found in beet, lemon, corn, lime, avocado, peppers, and squash. It’s all included in the super food sources of electrolytes.

3. Food white
White foods such as sesame seeds, nuts, and seeds are a source of electrolytes.

4. Bananas
Furthermore, Super foods That Contain Electrolytes is bananas. Bananas can even provide quick energy for the body.

5. Green vegetables
Green vegetables are also included in the list of super foods that contain lots of electrolytes.

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6. Balance the food
The food balance is essential for a healthy diet. Consuming vegetables and fruits as well as many different other meals so helps the body to get a lot of electrolytes. Thus, the combination of fruits and vegetables to make food rich in electrolytes. So it is important for us to consume different types of fruits and vegetables.

7. The home-cooked food is best
The foods available in supermarkets is on one side contain nutrients. But from the other side of these foods also contain harmful components such as artificial sweeteners and preservatives. This is very dangerous, so the food is made from their own home is more healthy to eat.

8. Simple food rich in electrolytes
There are a lot of simple foods that contain electrolytes such as banana smoothie, a cocktail of lime, lemon salt, ginger, pomegranate juice with a little honey. Better to consume these foods rather than foods or artificial juices are packaged in bottles. Although nutritious but this is dangerous because it contains preservatives and artificial sweeteners.

9. Say no to common salt
Salt generally available on the market contain a lot of sodium, this is not good for consumption. Eat another healthy salt as a natural salt or iodized salt.

So these are Super foods That Contain Electrolytes. Electrolytes are ions act as a substitute body so we stay healthy and vigorous. Avoid canned foods or beverages that contain artificial sweeteners and preservatives, because besides foods and beverages nutritious also contains a toxin that kills slowly.

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