Here are Powerful Spinach Health Benefits

10 Powerful Spinach Health Benefits

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Spinach Health Benefits – Green vegetables are sources of vitamins and essential minerals for health. The content of vitamin A, iron, protein makes greens vegetables became the idol of many family members.

One of the greens vegetables that very helpful and delicious is spinach. For you prefer to eat spinach, the following Spinach Health Benefits you should know.

Amazing Spinach Health Benefits

spinach health benefits1. Stimulate the growth of children

Spinach is very nice for consumption, especially for children, because the iron in spinach is useful to encourage teenagers or toddlers growing.

2. Maintain digestion

Spinach vegetables containing vitamin C and beta-carotene which is great for keeping the body cells from the damaging effects of free radicals.

3. Healthy brain

Another Spinach Health Benefits is kept the brain healthy. Spinach leaves are also useful and efficacious for brain health. The content of vitamin K in spinach will keep the brain and nervous system and synthesis of sphingolipids.

4. Maintain healthy skin

Spinach is beneficial for maintaining healthy skin. The content of vitamin A in spinach will play this role. By eating lots of spinach, then the skin will be healthy, moist and always seems to shine and toned.

5. Maintain bone health

The next Spinach Health Benefits is for maintaining bone health. Spinach can maintain bone density, so it does not happen osteoporosis. In one cup of spinach contain 1000% RDA of vitamin K, which is useful for preventing damage to bone cells.

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6. Healthy eyes

Spinach contains some antioxidants that are helpful in protecting the eyes from the harmful effects of ultraviolet light and cataract problems that occur because older.

7. Lowering blood pressure

Spinach Health Benefits for reducing blood pressure. In spinach contains a substance called angiotensin and peptides. This substance is beneficial for reducing high blood pressure.

8. Benefits of spinach to diet

For those who are on a diet can try eating spinach. Spinach can be exquisite for digestion. One cup of spinach contains 20% of the RDA of dietary fiber is beneficial for digestion, prevent constipation, control blood sugar remains low.

9. Prevent Cancer

Spinach is a rich source of flavonoids; this is a phytonutrient that slow down cell division in stomach and cancer cells. Consuming spinach is also beneficial to abstain from aggressive prostate cancer.

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10. Anti-inflammatory

Neoxanthin and Violaxanthin are two substances in spinach as an important influence inflammation. Both of these substances control and regulate the process of inflammation in the body.

How to Eat Spinach

You don’t know how to eat spinach, we provide 6 easy ideas on how to eat spinach.

Spinach is a versatile vegetable that can be cooked in a variety of recipes. Many children do not like this vegetable, but with some ideas for how to eat spinach, it can change the child’s perception of this healthy vegetable. Let’s see how healthy spinach is in the following 6 spinach recipe ideas.

How to Eat Spinach1. Smoothies

You often make smoothies, why not include spinach as a nutritional addition to your drink. Try making a smoothie from a combination of ingredients such as mango, orange juice, berries, and pineapple.

It can also be a combination of several ingredients such as coconut oil, avocado, milk, yogurt, soy, and add green vegetables such as kale or spinach. Spinach can be a great addition to your smoothie.

2. Salads

The next way to eat spinach is to add it in a salad. Use fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts and berries. You can use baby spinach as a great nutritional addition to your smoothie.

3. Lightly wilted

Try to make your spinach a little wilted and you add bread, olive oil, and garlic, don’t forget to add salt as well as a taste. If you have never tried this way of eating spinach, try it at your home immediately.

4. Slightly boiled

Try boiling spinach for a while, you just boil it for one minute and this will add to the benefits and nutrition of your spinach.

This is perfect as an addition to pasta, served on top of potatoes. Use a little sauce for extra flavor.

5. Fried

The next idea how to eat spinach is to fry it. Have you ever fried vegetables? Not only fried eggs, but vegetables can also be prepared by frying.

You can add your favorite seasoning to stir-fry spinach. This stir fry method is more suitable to be called frying spinach to add flavor.

6. In a curry

Incorporating spinach in curry sauce is one of the best ideas for eating spinach. When spinach is tossed in a curry, who doesn’t want to eat it? Everyone will be addicted to the taste of curry spice.

In Indian dishes, it is usually prepared with spices, onions, lentils and the addition of fresh spinach. Spinach and lentils are popular vegan options in a variety of recipes.

Spinach Side EffectsSpinach Side Effects

Eating spinach is very good for health but must be in normal portions or not in excess. Spinach is known to contain oxalic acid, if this content is excessive in the body as a result of eating too much spinach, then the body can experience several side effects, including:

1. Porous bones

The content of oxalic acid in spinach can cause calcium absorption to be limited or inhibited. So, if you eat spinach in excessive amounts, your body is less than optimal at absorbing calcium, which is important for bone health.

2. Allergies

Eating spinach can sometimes also cause allergic reactions but this is very rare.

If you eat spinach and then find that your body itches in your mouth, eyes, throat, maybe the cause is the spinach vegetables you eat.

3. Kidney stones

Side effects of eating too much spinach are also related to the formation of kidney stones. The content of oxalic acid in spinach can cause the formation of kidney stones.

So, when you eat spinach, you have to limit it. Even though these green vegetables are delicious, you must have healthy principles to limit them.