Sleeping Without A Pillow

Sleeping Without A Pillow, Here Are Health Benefits

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Sleeping Without A Pillow might sound strange. Now, everyone around the world is always using a pillow under his head while sleeping, this provides comfort for everyone. That is why pillow products with different shapes always sell well in the market. Even the pillow industry always brings innovation to provide comfort when sleeping. However, once you have to know that sleep without a pillow also has great health benefits.

If you have never heard of the benefits of sleeping without using a pillow, read on this article because we will give you information about these benefits.

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Sleeping Without A Pillow Health Benefits

1. Prevent wrinkles

In addition to good for acne, getting rid of pillows under your head provides benefits to prevent wrinkles. This is true, if you sleep facedown on a pillow, this will cause your skin to become wrinkled quickly. Not only that, the sheets or pillows that you use to sleep every night can also cause the skin to become wrinkled when you wake up in the morning. Indeed, this can disappear a little later, but if this is happens continuously it will have a bad effect on your skin.

Actually, the wrinkles arise from the movements we do including talking. There’s no way we can prevent 100% of the wrinkles, but we can minimize by not sleeping with pillows. Sleep always without a pillow with your back on the floor. This will reduce the pressure on your face and slow the shrinking skin.

2. Prevent acne

Acne is caused by a lot of dirt and oil on facial skin that clogs pores. Eventually it causes swelling and redness even infections. If you have cleaned your face, then avoid foods that can trigger the occurrence of acne, because acne can be caused by several factors such as clogged pores, hormonal changes or due to certain foods. If everything you have done but you keep pimples, then think why this happens?

The most likely answer is your sleeping using a pillow. When you lie on your side, your face will stick to the pillow, the dirty pillows from sweat, saliva and other dirt will stick to the face and clog your face pores. This is very likely to trigger the occurrence of acne, then avoid pillows when sleeping, sleep without a pillow is healthier for those of you who can not keep clean.

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3. Prevent back pain

Sleeping Without A Pillow, Here Are Health Benefits

One of the causes of back pain is poor posture. The cause of bad posture is a daily activity or sleep in a bad position. Sleeping using a pillow can cause your sleeping position to become unnatural, causing back pain. Pillows and mattresses can be a cause, when you support your body with a pillow of course your body will be bent or in an unnatural position. This is what causes pain in the back.

So, one of the benefits of Sleeping Without A Pillow is to prevent back pain.

4. Prevent morning puffiness

If you experience swelling when you wake up, the possible cause is your bad sleeping position. Sleep by relying on pillows can cause some parts of your body depressed and experience swelling when awake. This is caused by your face pressing on the pillow and then the fluid pooled in the face area. Finally, you look like a toothache.

5. Prevents Neck Pain

Furthermore, the benefits of sleep without a pillow is to prevent neck pain and stiff neck. The purpose of using a pillow is to make your sleeping position straight and provide comfort for the body. But many people use a pillow just to raise the head or bend the body, this fails to provide benefits to the body. For that, avoid using a pillow while sleeping so that your body stays straight with the body frame.

6. Prevents Headache

Do you often wake up with unbearable headaches? If so, check your sleep state. Not necessarily this is caused by your food, probably caused by the pillow you use. Try sleeping without a pillow and see how the body reacts. If you feel better, then the cause of headaches and is a pillow.

Sleeping with a soft pillow can prevent or block the head blood flow, the head is not getting enough oxygen needed. Thus, oxygen flow disruption to the brain causes headaches.

7. Keep the body durable

The main benefit of sleep is resting the body from fatigue, helping to grow. Quality sleep also provides an important role for health such as stimulating anti-aging hormones. A good night’s sleep and away from anxiety greatly help boost immunity and encourage the emergence of the anti-aging hormone, a hormone that keeps a person looking young despite his age. This hormone is useful against free radicals so that the body is always fit and fit. Sleep without pillows can encourage more quality compared to sleeping with soft pillows.

8. Increase energy

Who knows, turned out to sleep without a pillow is also able to increase body energy. This happens because of several factors such as: First: you avoid back pain caused by using a pillow. Second: Sleep without pillows stimulates sleep quality so as to reduce the hormone cortisol and stress hormones. This makes you have a better energy level.

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9. Keeping your body fit

Benefits of sleep without a pillows also help the body stay healthy and fit because the body is able to maintain body weight. A study revealed that good sleep can activate more calorie burning, this helps the body stay in shape. Not only that, a good sleep is also able to prevent extreme hunger in the morning. It really sustains your diet.

10. Maintain alignment of body structure

Furthermore, the benefits of sleep not using a pillow can also align the spine and body structure. Daily activities sometimes cause the body to tense like sitting for hours in the car, sitting too long in the office etc. Sleeping without using a pillow will make the body structure back to normal shape, reduce health risks associated with poor body structure.

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