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What is Sleep Talking, Treatment and What Causes Sleep Talking

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The Causes Sleep Talking – What is Sleep Talking? Sleep talking is a sleep disorder that occurs due to certain psychiatric conditions or somniloquy. Nobody knows much about this problem. Doctors don’t know why sleep talking happens, and what happened to the sleep talker brain at the time. People who talk in sleep do not know what he is talking about, let alone remember it the next day.

Sleep talkers can speak perfectly and fully in everyday language, but they don’t realize it. Apparently, sleep talking is not a dangerous condition for someone.

Stage and its Severity

There are several stages and their severity. here we will talk about the stage of development of sleep talking.

In stages 1 and 2, victims are not as severe as in stages 3 and 4. Their conversations can be understood well. While those at stages 3 and 4, the conversation was profound and difficult to understand. They talk like groans.

Sleep talking severity is determined by how often sleep talking occurs. Next, we see the stage and severity.

  • Mild: It says mildly if the talk sleep occurs only once a month.
  • Moderate: If talk sleep occurs once a week. This sleep talking does not disturb others.
  • Severe: Sleep talking is said to be at a severe level if someone experiences it every night. At this level, a person can disturb other people who sleep in that place.

Who is at Risk for Sleep Talking

Sleep talking can actually happen to anyone. But the most common is in children and men. However, sleep talking is also a high risk for those who have families with “sleep talking” problems.

So, this is a health disorder that correlates with genetics. If you are one of the sleep talkers, try to look at your child, chances are they also experience it.

Causes Sleep Talking

At certain times, the sleep talking frequency can increase and this possibility is triggered by:

  • Sickness
  • Drink alcohol
  • Fever
  • Stress
  • Depression and other health problems
  • Lack of rest

People with disease conditions such as sleep apnea, sleep walking, and nightmares, can experience an increase in the risk of sleep talking.

When Should You Go to the Doctor

Sleep talking is not a serious, frightening disease, but there are times when you have to be a doctor. If you experience a resting disorder, lose the quality of rest or cannot concentrate during the day because of poor sleep at night. However, in rare circumstances, sleep talking can also cause other more severe health problems such as psychiatric disorder or nighttime seizures.

Treatment for Sleep Talking Disorder

There is no treatment that is known to be effective for sleep talking. But you can go to a sleep expert (expert) to make sure that you get enough quality sleep.

If you have a partner who is bothered with you at night, maybe your partner can ask about how to solve your problem both to professionals. Maybe you can try some of the recipes below:

  • Sleep in a different room,
  • Ask your partner to use earplugs,
  • Using a silencer engine in the room.

Another way you should try is to change unhealthy lifestyles such as avoiding staying up late, drinking alcohol, eating when going to sleep and trying to sleep early.

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