Slate Pencil Eating Benefits, Side Effects, How to Stop It

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Slate pencil eating benefits – Do you feel excited when you see Slate Pencil and want to eat it? Colorful Slate Pencils sometimes get some people’s attention and they want to eat it and often eat it and get addicted. If you like to eat Slate Pencil, I think you should stop right now, why? Let’s continue to read our review in this article.

Before everything gets clear, let’s first take a look at what Slate Pencil is, and why some people feel the urge to eat it.

What Is A Slate Pencil Made of?

What is Slate Pencil? Slate pencils are usually wrapped in paper, they are made with soapstone and slate blocks.

Slate Pencil is a writing instrument made in India or rather located in South India. It is made of sedimentary rock and is not meant to be eaten at all. This sedimentary rock is made of mud or rather a mixture of several materials such as illite, kaolinet, and montmorillonite, and also contains other minerals in small quantities such as calcite and quartz. Mix all that into Slate Pencil that excites the appetite of some of our friends.

Slate Pencil Eating Benefits, Side Effects, How to Stop It

These rocks are colorful and dense or faded color is determined by how much clay mixture in its manufacture.

If you often eat Slate Pencil, is it dangerous? Is eating Slate Pencil beneficial for health or is it dangerous? We will explain all about the Slate Pencil eating benefits and the possible side effects in this article. Let’s read to the end so as not to misunderstand the Slate Pencil.

Slate Pencil Eating Benefits

Indeed now there are types of slate pencils that are made to be eaten, but about the health benefits of slate pencils and their side effects have not been explained and are still in confusion. That’s why you should be careful with slate pencils and if you really want to eat them, please consult a professional doctor first.

You should know that slate pencils are not edible ingredients if we review them clinically. So, eating slate pencils, of course, has absolutely no benefits to be gained, in fact there is a huge potential for harm waiting for you.

In India, edible slate pencils have been introduced, but about the slate pencils eating benefits there is absolutely no clarity. What is clear, eating slate pencils is not a healthy habit that you should do. So, we say to consider it with your doctor before ingesting this item.

However, if we look at the existing mineral content, it is possible that slate pencils have several health benefits. Here are some possible benefits that you can consider, including:

– Slate pencils contain calcium so a possible benefit of eating slate pencils is strengthening your bones.

– For those who suffer from health problems related to calcium deficiency, eating edible slate pencils is something to consider. But before you try to eat it, we advise you to seek professional doctor’s advice.

– Contains magnesium. Why are you allowed to eat slate pencils that are manufactured to be eaten? This is because it contains magnesium which is useful in metabolizing phosphorus in the body.

– The slate pencils eating benefits are also good for relieving heartburn, this is because slate pencils contain calcium carbonate whose benefits are to prevent heartburn.

Slate Pencil Eating Side Effects

Are you still wondering about the side effects of eating Slate Pencil that might happen to you.

Of course, something that is not yet clear is likely to have side effects that will occur. If Slate Pencil is something you can eat, what if you are pregnant, will Slate Pencil have any health benefits for you or is it harmful?

True, eating Slate Pencil while pregnant or not pregnant there are some possible side effects that should not be ignored. This means that the risks that occur can be fatal to your health. Here are some possible side effects of eating Slate Pencil.

– Deflation of hemoglobin – When you are pregnant, of course you really need stable hemoglobin, if you eat Slate Pencil while pregnant, the bad effect that will occur is a lack of hemoglobin levels and this is dangerous for the health of pregnant women.

– Vomiting or abdominal pain continuously – For pregnant women should consider this. Indeed, during pregnancy there is a lot of nausea and vomiting, but the toxic content in Slate Pencil can aggravate your health problems. The content of these toxins can also interfere with your body’s metabolic system and this is very dangerous.

– Damage to the mouth – Among the side effects of eating Slate Pencil can also damage your mouth. You need to know that Slate Pencil is not something that can be dissolved in water. So chewing Slate Pencil sometimes damages and tears the inside of a person’s mouth. So, before eating Slate Pencil, you should consider it first.

If it spoils your mouth, of course you have to choose your food. You can’t eat spicy food anymore, don’t eat sour, or eat anything that can make you sore from mouth sores.

Side effects of eating Slate Pencil also have an impact on your appetite, interfere with digestion, difficult bowel movements, constipation, damage tooth enamel, and can cause lead poisoning.

How to Make a Slate Pencil at Home?

Here is how to make slate pencils yourself at home, follow these steps:

  • Thick cardboard sheets
  • cello tape
  • Lime powder
  • Water
  • Now it’s time for us to make our own slate pencil, follow these steps, it’s very easy.

How to Make:

  1. Step 1: Take a thick cardboard, and make a package with a size of 15x6x2 cm
  2. Step 2: Take lime powder and mix it with water in a bowl. Then pour it in the package.
  3. Step 3: Leave it overnight
  4. Step 4: When the dough dries, remove the package and you now have a slate pencil.

Disclaimer: This is for your knowledge only, we do not intend for you to make it for consumption purposes. This is for knowledge only and does not aim to make you addicted or try to eat this item.

How to Stop Eating Slate Pencil?

Have you already eaten Slate Pencil and feel addicted? You should stop this habit. We will show you how to stop eating Slate Pencil. Logically, you should be very easy to stop this because what you are doing is of no use at all.

Before you start to stop eating Slate Pencil, try to pay attention to what was the initial cause so you like to eat Slate Pencil. Is it because you lack nutrition, because of psychological problems or unclear desires.

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Here are some ways you can understand how to hold back and stop eating slate pencil, follow these steps:

  • Make a conscious effort to stop eating this useless stuff
  • Keep yourself busy when the urge to eat slate pencil arises
  • Divert your attention from the slate pencil, you can keep yourself busy by eating nuts, seeds, and others.
  • Consult a doctor to find an easy solution to stop the habit of eating slate pencil.

Those are some slate pencil eating benefits, its side effects that may occur, and how to stop eating it. Hopefully this information is useful and for those of you who are used to swallowing slate pencil, hopefully you will quickly realize and be able to stop this strange habit.

Slate Pencil Eating During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, a pregnant woman experiences many changes, including her mood. So, in the period of pregnancy, sometimes pregnant women often crave something to eat, and this must be fulfilled and provided so that the mood remains under control. But if pregnant women crave slate pencil or chalk, this must be careful. Eating slate pencil or chalk is not a good thing for pregnant women, this is not only bad for themselves but also bad for the fetus.

These are some of the possibilities for babies if pregnant women insist on eating slate pencil:

– Malnutrition in infants

Eating slate pencil is dangerous for your child in the future because it can cause malnutrition. Slate pencil contains various harmful substances such as lead, carbon and others and this is not at all good for the health of your fetus.

– Pain in abdomen and vomiting

Stomach pain or vomiting for pregnant women may be normal, but it’s safe if you don’t eat slate pencil. However, if you have a habit of slate pencil and experience stomach pain and even vomiting, then it is worth suspecting that sometimes the pain is due to you inserting chalk in your stomach.

– Cancer Sores

Pregnant women who eat slate pencil will encourage sores cancer. So, stay away from slate pencil during pregnancy because it has a lot of bad effects than the benefits of slate pencil for your health.

– Makes the lining of your mouth damaged

Slate pencil is a substance that does not dissolve in water, and when you put it in your mouth, it will damage the tissues in your mouth. Slate pencil can also affect the tongue and appetite, sometimes causing us to not be able to eat spicy food, drink and drink warm water.

– Affects hemoglobin

Another danger of eating slate pencil for pregnant women is that it affects their hemoglobin. During pregnancy it is very important to increase hemoglobin. While slate pencil can affect the decrease in hemoglobin of pregnant women.

Treatment of the Urge of Eating Slate Pencils

How to treat your habit of eating slate pencil really depends on your will. How much you want to get rid of this habit, then that’s how big the possibility you can treat this bad habit.

Here are some steps you can take to get rid of the habit of eating slate pencil. Pay attention to one by one:

  1. Consumption of calcium to prevent the body’s calcium deficiency, you can eat calcium tablets, fish and milk.
  2. Consume iron or iron-rich foods. Research says that iron deficiency can make a person crave, so some pregnant women want to eat slate pencil. To supply iron, you can eat green vegetables, or iron tablets.
  3. Diet high in minerals
  4. Consumption of vitamins in your diet, basking in the morning sun is also a way to absorb vitamins.
  5. Consume walnuts, almonds, and cashews to prevent cravings.
  6. Drink lots of water to cleanse the body system and prevent constipation due to the large amount of food supplied.
  7. One more way you have to do to get rid of the habit of eating slate pencil is exercise and yoga, this will take your mind off the habit of eating slate pencil.
  8. Consume fruits

What Happens if We Eat Slate Pencils?

During this last period many people have bad habits like eating slate pencil or something else that can’t be eaten like dirt or chalk. For some people this is like a delicious and addictive chocolate.

Indeed, eating slate pencil has health benefits as we mentioned above. Among the benefits are strengthening bones, metabolizing phosphorus and calcium in the body. But you must remember that the dangers or side effects of eating slate pencil outweigh the benefits. So if you have a habit of eating slate pencil, you should reduce it little by little until you don’t like it anymore.

For more details, see the review above on how to treat the urge to eat slate pencil.

What Is the Taste of Slate Pencil?

Slate pencil has an earthy taste, gritty texture, and has a good after taste. This means that after you eat, you will feel like something delicious.

What Would Happen If You Eat Chalk?

If you continuously eat lime, then this can damage your teeth. Make your teeth cavities, difficult to digest food, constipation occurs, and block in the intestines.

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