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7+ Silica Health Benefits You Should Know

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Silica health benefits is important for our body. It will maintain bone health and prevent osteoarthritis. Actually, in our bodies silica is located on the nail. However, as we get older, silica will decrease in quality. For that we need to get silica from food.

Foods containing silica include potatoes, wheat bran, almonds, wheat, peanuts, and barley. The health benefits of silica are also important for collagen maintenance. A sufficient body of collagen will always look shiny and clean. So, silica is also called the “beauty mineral” because it plays a role in the beauty of the body.

Here we see some functions and uses of silica for health and beauty.

Wonderful Silica Health Benefits

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1. Prevents Deformities in Bones

Silica is an essential mineral for the development and maintenance of bones and joints. It is useful to maintain flexibility and bone elasticity by increasing the amount of collagen. Collagen is very important for bone health because one of its task is to implant protein in bone. In addition, silica is also useful for healing broken bones.

2. Improve joint function

Silica, you can take silica supplements – useful to increase flexibility in joints. Pain and swelling in the joints can also be cured with silica. For those who are bloated, they need to consume silica to meet collagen and provide benefits for bone health.

3. Avoid Atherosclerosis

This is an apprehensive condition of arterial health. Atherosclerosis causes clogging of the arteries with the occurrence of plaque formation. When the artery is blocked then the blood flow will be blocked and cholesterol oxidation occurs. Consuming foods containing silica or silica supplements has been shown to reduce the risk of atherosclerosis.

4. Heal cellulite

Furthermore, the health benefits of silica is to cure cellulite. It is a collagen-rich mineral that is useful for strengthening tendons and ligaments and treating cellulite problems.

5. Keeps Digestive System

The other side of silica is as a supplement to promote digestion and regulate digestive function. Silica works to reduce inflammation of the stomach and treat ulcer disease, constipation and diarrhea.

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6. Prevents Aluminum Toxicity

Our body could be aluminum poisoning, this is the result of the accumulation of aluminum in the body. One of the benefits of silica is being able to detoxify heavy metals such as aluminum content in the body. So, silica can treat the body of aluminum poisoning, so the danger to Alzheimer’s and Dementia can be reduced.

7. Maintain heart health

The silica benefits is able to break the plaque on the arteries. Itsgood for heart health. In addition, it is also useful to prevent the occurrence of blockage of blood vessels. In turn it will prevent heart attacks and high blood pressure.

8. Maintain immunity

Eating a bad diet can cause an acidic environment in the body, and this affects the immune system. When the body’s immune attack, then the various diseases can enter easily.

Silica contains alkaline which is important for the fight against acidic environment. In addition to containing alkali, silica also contains antigens and antibodies that are good for maintaining immunity.

9. Heals Wound

Silica is a mineral that has important properties for healing. It is part of collagen so incredible to treat wounds, burns and scars.

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