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Health Risk of Using Expired Condoms

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Health risk of using expired condoms – Condoms have its own expiration time as the other things. For that, we have to pay attention to the expiry date. Do not use a condom carelessly, because it can lead to a variety of things that are never in want. Indeed, the condom is resistant and can be saved for a long time, but it is best to use a condom long before the time expired.

For example, a latex condom can be saved for 6 years, but it must be stored in a cool and dry place. The risk of using a used condom not only result in unwanted pregnancies but also can lead to problems such as irritation and STDs.

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Health Risk of Using Expired Condoms

Expired condoms has resilience increasingly fragile. The further expiration of a condom the further get brittle and lost its flexibility. It is will give it bad for your health. Spermicide used in some condom becomes less effective after the period expired.

The risk of using a used condom

1. Unwanted Pregnancy

It is one of the very clear in the use of expired condoms. Used condoms very often rips unnoticed so small gaps that could cause sperm into the vagina unnoticed.

2. Irritation

Furthermore, the risk of using expired condoms is irritated. If you have no other choice, you might use an expired condom. But remember! Not only unwanted pregnancies could happen but also can cause a mild rash.

3. Sexually transmitted diseases

The risk of using a used condom also resulted in the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. This incident is considered as many cases of unwanted pregnancy as a result of a used condom.

Since condom no longer able to prevent the body fluids, so the various viruses and particles can move from one person to another. Used condom could cause damage when come into the vagina. It’s causing the displacement of disease from one person to another.

If you think you may be at risk of having an STD, you should get tested as soon as possible by your doctor or you can order a test online. When ordered from a reliable company and the instructions are followed correctly, at home std test results are generally quite accurate.

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You may not use the used condom or the expired one because it can cause things that are never in want. Check carefully when you buy condoms, avoid that have expired and replaced it with a new one if you find that almost expired.

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