Papaya Seeds are Powerful for Health

7 Reasons Papaya Seeds are Powerful for Health

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Papaya Seeds are Powerful for Health – Papaya is a fruit that is very tasty and delicious, especially consumed in summer. Fruit with a lot of water content is very well shed digestion and prevent constipation. In consumption of papaya, many people usually throw away the papaya seeds, whereas papaya seeds have many health benefits.

Papaya Seeds are Powerful for Health

Here are some health benefits of papaya seeds, as summarized from various sources.

1. Treating Ameobiasis
It is a chronic stomach disease that makes sufferers are not resistant the pain and diarrhea. Ameobiosis is caused by a virus called Entamoeba histolytica. Treating this disease can be done by consuming papaya seed extract as much as 0.1 ml / day. Thus the results of a study published in the International Journal of Innovation and Applied Studies.

2. Reduce the risk of cancer
Furthermore, the health benefits of papaya seeds is as a natural remedy to prevent cancer. A study in 2004 reported that the extract of papaya seeds are rich in anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and cyctoprotective. It mean that papaya seeds are rich of flavonoid content. The research result shows that between flavonoids and cancer have an inverse correlation. So, the papaya seeds can kill cancer cells or prevent cancer.

3. Boost immunity
Papaya seeds are also believed to be a natural remedy for strengthening the body from various dangers. Indeed, substances that contribute to boost immunity in papaya seeds is unknown, but the simulator immune and anti-inflammatory known to provide immunity to infection. While on the other hand there is a study that says that papaya seed extract is also used as a nutritional supplement to improve the body’s performance.

4. Acting as an antibacterial agent
Papaya seeds often becomes a natural ingredient in overcoming a variety of diseases both infectious or not. Why is that? Papaya seeds contain powerful anti-bacterial that beneficial to inhibit the growth of bacteria in the body such as Escherichia coli, Salmonella typhi, Staphylococcus aureus, and Pseudomonas aeruginosa

5. Preventing kidney damage
Papaya seeds have health benefits to protect the liver. You can consume papaya seeds in small amounts every day to detoxify the liver.

6. Prevent virus infection
Benefits of papaya seeds too powerful in overcoming the problem of viral infection. It is thanks to their anti-virus into papaya seeds.

Costa Rica has long used papaya seeds as a cure for dengue infections. Dengue fever is a disease caused by a mosquito, the disease is characterized by the disappearance of a number of platelets. (Read: Food to increase platelets)

7. Troubleshooting parasite
Furthermore, the health benefits of papaya seeds is to overcome the parasite. Papaya seeds contain many alkaloids “carpaine” that would kill the worms and parasites. Papaya is a healthy fruit that helps break down proteins so digestion becomes a dangerous place to parasites live.

A study showed that consuming the juice of papaya seeds for 7 days helpful to expel parasites to 75% in Nigeria.

8. Kidney disease
Another benefit of papaya seeds is to treat kidney disease. A study conducted at the University of Karachi reported that papaya seeds can be used for kidney problems and even kidney failure.

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