Raw Buckwheat Honey Benefits

Raw Buckwheat Honey Benefits and Where to Get It

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Honey is very good for health, but there is honey that has greater benefits, this is buckwheat honey. If you once run out of honey preparations, go to the farmer’s shop or the traditional concoction shop and buy raw buckwheat honey. Research continues to be done and increasingly reveals the great benefits of this buckwheat honey. One of the benefits is for coughing and as an anti-oxidant. Next, we list the benefits of buckwheat honey for health.

Raw buckwheat honey is a natural remedy for cough

Honey is an important food to maintain immunity and dispel many diseases. Honey has its own place in the list of certain medicinal foods. In a study published in the Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine in 2007, it was found that buckwheat honey is very good for treating and treating coughs. Children who swallow a little black honey at night before going to bed experience fewer coughs and get more quality sleep compared to children who consume dextromethorphan (ordinary cough medicine) with honey flavor.

Exceptionally strong antioxidant properties

One of the most important ingredients in honey is antioxidants. Black honey and buckwheat honey in particular contain a number of antioxidants which are very good for health. Once a researcher in 2001 conducted an investigation into antioxidants in various types of honey and their effectiveness in reducing lipid oxidation in poultry. The results of this study found that buckwheat honey is the best honey with the highest anti-oxidant content and the most effective for reducing lipids. While honey which is the lowest antioxidant content is acacia honey.

Why does dark honey contain a lot of antioxidants? In the journal of the Agricultural and Food Chemistry, there are said that phenolic compounds play a very important role in antioxidants. The antioxidant power of honey is the result of a combination of a broad spectrum of compounds such as phenolics, Maillard reaction products, peptides, enzymes, and organic acids.

The raw buckwheat honey is dark honey with the highest antioxidant content, this statement was also supported by a 2004 study which was published in the journal “Food Science investigated the impact of processing and storage on antioxidant capacity of clover honey and buckwheat honey.” The best soba honey is raw. Raw buckwheat honey is higher in antioxidants compared to ordinary buckwheat honey, which is 33%.

Where to buy buckwheat honey

Ok, we already know the benefits of buckwheat honey and it looks like you can’t wait to get buckwheat honey soon. Maybe you ask where can we get Raw buckwheat honey?

Buckwheat honey is still difficult to find in traditional stores, especially if you want certifying honey. Try checking the farmer’s shop in your area or the nearest grocery store. If it’s not there, you can buy Raw buckwheat honey at Amazon’s online store.

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