Pumpkin Is a Fruit

Pumpkin Is a Fruit, Why Not a Vegetable?

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Do you like gardening and growing vegetables? This time we will learn about pumpkins and know more about pumpkins. Is pumpkin included in gourds or categorized into a squash. The biggest question is why pumpkins are called fruit and are not said to be vegetables. In addition, we will also explain its health benefits.

If you often play with pumpkins, you may chew it and form a variety. Have you ever asked, whether pumpkin is a fruit because it contains seeds or not fruit because it is always cooked as a vegetable? Based on the fact, it turns out that pumpkin is not a vegetable at all but is a fruit.

Let Us Know What Are Pumpkins?

There are three types of plants that are almost the same, these are pumpkins, squash, and gourds. They belong to the “Cucurbitaceae” family, said missouribotanicalgarden.org. The family of this plant is not only three, but the species can also reach 900, including pumpkins, watermelons, even cucumbers. Pumpkin is also called winter squash. This is different from summer squash which has soft skin like zucchini. Well, this pumpkin in America is also called pumpkin.

Why Pumpkins Are Fruit

As we know above, pumpkin is squash, and is also called gourds, but is this called fruit or vegetable? This is the big question that we must answer now. To answer this, we must know the fruit definition first. The fruit is “usually edible reproductive body of a seed plant.” Pumpkin is something that is eaten. If you split the pumpkin into two parts, of course, you will see inside it consists of seeds. So, pumpkin is a fruit not a vegetable, it grows from creeping plants on other plants or on twigs.

is Pumpkin Is a Fruit

Are All Squash and Gourds Fruit?

Well, if we refer to the definition above, we know that all types of squash are fruit. In this article, we already know that squash is fruit and if you already say that squash is your favorite vegetable, maybe you need to review and understand this article.

About Pumpkin Nutrition

Pumpkin is a great source of fiber, vitamin A, vitamin C. It’s up to you to call, the pumpkin or not. This is a source of nutrition that is very good for health. The 49 calories can be obtained from a cup of fine/smooth shake pumpkin, this also contains fiber as much as 2.7 grams, certainly very good for keeping your stomach full. A small portion of fine pumpkin also contains vitamin A as much as 245% of what is recommended every day. While other nutrients are: Vitamin C 19%, potassium 16%, and contain magnesium as much as 11%.

So, based on the explanation above we know that pumpkin is called fruit because it contains seeds in it. This fruit from squash is very good if added in clear vegetables. You don’t just eat pumpkin, but the seeds are also delicious and delicious food. For the size of one and a half cups, roasted pumpkin seeds contain 17 grams of protein.

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