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9 Powerful Ways to Keep Your Liver Healthy

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Powerful Ways to Keep Your Liver Healthy. The liver is the most important organ in the human body, it performs its function to clean up various toxins in the body. If the liver is no longer functioning properly, it indicates that you are experiencing in health problems related to your liver.

Our advice, immediately stop drinking coffee and alcohol. Then follow the steps below to keep your liver healthy.

You can still breathe fresh air now because your body is still able to get rid of toxins well. If the toxins accumulate in the body then your body will be weak and eventually be die. So, the health of our body depends on the body’s ability to eliminate toxins and the liver is a vital organ for this problem. If the liver fails to eliminate toxins, then your body will also fail to digest food.

So, love your liver, immediately stop drinking alcohol and intoxicating drinks because it can burden the performance of your liver.

If the cells in the liver change with scar cells then you will experience cirrhosis of the liver. If your liver has failed to function, it indicates that you are experiencing certain health symptoms such as decreased appetite, sweating, dark urine, high blood pressure, fatigue, depression and gas problems.

If you find one of the symptoms as above, you need the best way to knock the liver. Here are some tips to clean your liver and keep your liver healthy.

Here are Tips and Ways to Keep Your Liver Healthy

1. lemon

keep your liver healthy with lemon

Lemon is an incredible detoxification of the liver. Consuming lemon helps remove bile to cleanse toxins. So, the way you need to do is add a few drops of lemon in green tea or your drink every day.

You like to eat salad, do not forget to drop a few drops of lemon in your salad.

2. Drinking water

keep your liver healthy with water

Another way to cleanse the liver is drink water regularly. It’s just like washing your body’s interior, including cleaning your liver. Proper and appropriate hydration is important for every cell of the body. So, drink clean water every day about 8 cups or 2 liters.

3. Avoid alcohol and coffee

keep your liver healthy with avoid alcohol and coffee

Both are big enemies of your liver. Consuming coffee and alcohol can accumulate toxins in the liver and create problems with its function. So, the important thing you should do is to quit both. Leave alcohol and coffee. If you are hard to leave, just drink a cup of coffee a week.

4. Fasting

keep your liver healthy with fasting

Another very good way to cleanse the liver is fasting. Fasting is one of the obligatory worship in Islam. Perhaps this is one of the obvious wisdoms.

In addition to worship, it is an important activity for the liver, because it can cleanse the liver from the poison. Another good way to do is to fast from bad food but only consume vegetables and juices every day.

Vegetables and juices are the best way to rid your liver from poison. But remember, do not really like the sugar that you put in the juice.

5. Berries fruits

keep your liver healthy with barries fruits

Next, how to keep your liver healthy is consume fruits in berries family such as blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, and strawberries. These fruit are valuable item for the health of your liver because they can reduce the fat accumulated in the liver.

6. Eating beet

keep your liver healthy with beets

Beet and spinach are foods loaded with beta-carotene. This substance is important to prevent damage to the liver. In addition, spinach and beets are functioning as detoxification for the liver. Beet also prevents toxic liver damage.

In addition to beets, foods like mustard greens, bitter gourds, and other green vegetables can help cleanse in your liver.

7. Green tea

keep your liver healthy with green tea

In addition, how to keep your liver healthy is consume green tea. The content of antioxidants in green tea can improve liver function, drinking a cup of green tea a day is the best way to cleanse your liver,

8. Avoid processed foods

avoid processed foods

Fatty foods can store fat to the liver. So, eat the foods that can irritate your liver like processed foods, sausages, preserved meat, bacon. This is a bad food for your liver.

Some of these foods are deposit fat on your liver. Avoid Them. Processed foods, deep fried foods, meat that contains preservatives, bacon, sausages are all bad for your liver. Also, avoid hydrogenated oils and margarine.

The solution is to avoid this food from now on if you love your liver.

9. Garlic

keep your liver healthy with garlic

Furthermore, the food to keep your liver healthy is garlic. It contains sulfur that is useful for removing toxins in the liver. Garlic also contains selenium and Allicin which are useful to prevent liver damage.

Consumption of one clove of raw garlic daily is the best way to keep your liver healthy.

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