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Pejibaye Fruit – An Important Fruit in the Costa Rican Diet

Pejibaye fruit is a rare fruit and is only found in Costa Rica and some places such as Central and South America

by Sarah Syakira

Pejibaye is a famous fruit in Costa Rica. This fruit is even an ingredient in the Costa Rican diet. How to consume this fruit is not the same as other fruits that can be consumed fresh, but Pejibaye must be boiled first for hours, then consumed or used as an ingredient in the food menu.

The method to eat Pejibaye fruit which is difficult and must be boiled first makes this fruit less present in the ranks of fresh fruit in the fruit market. But many are found in carts parked on the side of the road.

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The Pejibaye fruit is a product of the palm tree and is a popular fruit in Costa Rica. In other places this fruit may be difficult to find, but Costa Rica is a fertile place for this plant. Besides Costa Rica, some places that can be found Pejibaye fruit are South America and Central America.

Pejibaye fruit uses

Before eating, Pejibaye must be boiled for hours first, then peeled and removed the seeds. Pejibaye fruit skin, previously not thrown away, but used as a natural sunscreen that is useful for skin health and beauty.

Pejibaye and Costa Rican Gastronomy

The pejibaye fruit is eaten directly after being boiled or used in various Costa Rican menus and dishes. For example, soup food, if you enjoy it in Costa Rica, there you can find this fruit in soup and even become an important ingredient to add flavor and nutrition to soup. There are also those who enjoy Pejibaye fruit with mayonnaise or with sour cream.

Another way to enjoy Pejibaye fruit is to eat it with maple syrup, use a sweet topping and some use pure honey as a side dish. We love enjoying the deliciousness of Pejibaye fruit is to make a sweet soup and use a little coconut milk.

If you come to Costa Rica, you can find many dishes with Pejibaye ingredients such as: Ceviche, puree, chips, churros etc.

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Many tourists who come to Costa Rica enjoy this food menu. The taste of Pejibaye is very unique and this is what many culinary connoisseurs seek, maybe it tastes like chestnut and baked potato. In addition to its unique taste, Pejibaye is also rich in fiber and many other nutrients, either vitamins or minerals.

Pejibaye is a popular fruit in Costa Rican dishes

Pejibaye fruit is a popular fruit in Costa Rican dishes

Besides being rich in fiber, Pejibaye is also a fruit that is rich in carbohydrates so that it can increase weight. So, for those who are on a diet to lose weight, they should limit their consumption of Pejibaye. However, for those who exercise or as athletes, it is important to consume foods that contain carbohydrates so that they can train vigorously.

Pejibaye is a popular fruit in Costa Rican dishes

In many Costa Rican dishes, Pejibaye fruit is sometimes an important ingredient in its preparation. They even use Pejibaye fruit in cakes and drinks. In a village in Costa Rica, namely the Tucurrique area, this fruit is a fairly valuable food ingredient. There is even a Pejibaye party held by the community in this village in October.

Food from Pejibaye fruit is sometimes also enjoyed with avocado, it is quite good as food to launch various activities including sports. Enjoying Pejibaye fruit with toast is one that is popular in its presentation. There are many culinary delights that you can enjoy on a culinary tour to Costa Rica. [resource]

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