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Buying From Online Dispensary In Canada: 4 Signs Of A Potent CBD Product

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Dispensary In Canada – Canada is one of the countries that has legalized the use of cannabis, and the industry is growing fast. With the help of the internet, the market has expanded its resources, and people are enjoying the convenience of it. Get Kush [remove due to 404] is one of the online dispensaries in Canada that offers different options of medicinal products.

One of the products that dispensaries sell is cannabidiol, or CBD, products. These products are found in cannabis plants, and these are usually used to treat anxiety and other health problems. However, cannabis products have two main components, which are cannabidiol and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), and they produce the opposite results.

Here are four signs that can help you identify a potent CBD product.

1. Low THC Levels

Cannabis products contain different levels of THC and CBD. THC is the component that causes one person to get potentially “high” when consuming products with high levels of it. On the other hand, CBD is the component that makes the user less “high” and is more effective in relieving health problems.

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The main difference between the two products is the level of “high” that one person can get in consuming a product. You can check or approximate the levels of THC in two ways.

  • Asking the dispensary or manufacturer. Each product indicates the percentage amounts of THC and CBD. You can make a call to the dispensary or manufacturer to verify the levels of THC and CBD if you want to make sure or can’t read the labels.
  • Manual testing. If in any way you can’t confirm the levels of THC and CBD, you can test it yourself. Always start in small doses, around half a gram or less, and gradually increase. High levels of THC would cause you to slur your speech, to blur your vision, and give you headaches. Otherwise, it has low levels of THC and a mid to high-level of CBD.

With whatever methods you use, the higher level of CBD means the more potent the product gets.

2. Hemp Plant Source

Cannabis is a family of plants and two of the most common plants to get CBD products are Hemp and Marijuana. It’s imperative that you differentiate hemp from marijuana, as they’re two distinct plants. For a potent CBD product, hemp plants are usually the source of extraction, as it contains low levels of THC.

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If you can’t easily find the labels on the product package, which there should be, you can look for the plant source. There’s only one way you can know what plant the product is from, and that is by asking the dispensary or the manufacturer itself. Make a call or talk to them personally about this matter.

3. Full Spectrum Labels

When you buy a CBD product, you might notice a logo indicating a ‘Full Spectrum’ product or simple labels that say ‘Full Spectrum’ somewhere on the front. This means that your product is a type of CBD that contains various cannabinoids.

There are two main types of CBD products which are Isolates and Full Spectrum, and they contain different cannabinoid components. Cannabinoids are naturally-occurring compounds found in cannabis plants, and Isolates have over 99% of pure CBD cannabinoids. For a potent product, look for the ‘Full Spectrum’ label, or some manufacturers label them as ‘Whole Plant’ products.

However, each type has its own advantage over the other. Full Spectrum products contain a lot more components that treat health problems where Isolates can’t. On the other hand, Isolates will most likely not show on a drug test while Full Spectrum can show because of very low THC levels.

4. Recommended Doses

Each manufacturer has different mixtures of CBD products that aid certain people with their health problems. You can easily check for the levels of CBD components by checking the labels, but you should also check for the recommended doses. There might be different concentrations in different CBD products.

You need to talk to the dispensary or the manufacturer to get the details about the recommended doses of the product or go to your doctor for better recommendations. It’s possible for a CBD product to have low levels of THC but needs large doses to compensate for the effectiveness of CBD levels.

Here are three of the common factors that affect the potency of doses in CBD products.

  • Location and Type of Soil. Cannabis plants grow differently in different situations. Some may grow in good soil, which they can absorb more nutrients, while some grow in bad soil with fewer nutrients.
  • Manufacturers have to pack the products in their own way, and the processes that the products undergo can affect their effectiveness.
  • Length of Storage. Just like any food, CBD products have a lifespan. The longer the products stay in dispensaries or storage, the less potent it will become.

The Bottom Line

There’s a lot of factors that may determine the potency of CBD products, but no one knows better than the manufacturers themselves. Always contact them if you need any verifications regarding the products. Nevertheless, always make sure to buy from reputable sites and stores to prevent worse complications.

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