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Nutritional Value of Mushrooms

by Sarah Syakira

Nutritional Value of Mushrooms – Mushrooms are delicious food with a variety of nutritional content and nutritional value. Mushrooms, partially can be eaten and contribute good nutrition for health. Mushrooms become a tasty meal in various restaurants in the world, and the world’s population recognize that mushrooms are delicious foods that not only provide the benefits of vegetables but also provides general nutrition as in animals, seeds and nuts.

Mushrooms are the meat of the “vegetable world”, the round shape and diverse with a soft texture makes fungus often referred as meat from the vegetable. Mushrooms can be found throughout the world because it is grown in the dark, or moisture and can even grow on rotting food.

The Nutritional Value in Mushrooms

Consuming mushrooms are healthy because it contains some nutrients that need by your body. Usually, mushrooms bring nutrients from the food where it is grown; then it provides a lot of nutrients from food. Among the most minerals found in mushrooms are potassium, copper, selenium, phosphorus, and a bit of iron, zinc, manganese and magnesium.

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Other nutrients in mushrooms are fiber and protein that is included in essential nutrient in the diet. Mushrooms are healthy foods that are low in sodium, fat, and cholesterol.

The Calories Content in Mushrooms

Mushrooms are most preferred food in the world, why do people like this food? Apparently the answer is because these foods do not contribute to increasing the weight, but provides a variety of nutrients for the body. In 100 g of mushroom contains only 22 calories and three calories come from fat.

So, the food is very healthy to be eaten by anyone, either the thin or fat people.

Health Benefits of Mushrooms

The amazing health benefits of mushrooms was able to lower bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol in the body. Good or HDL cholesterol is beneficial to keep the heart and prevent high blood pressure.

Mushrooms are also a healthy food for diabetics. High-energy and low in fat makes the fungus as a healthy food for the balance of vitamins and minerals in the blood. It aims to regulate insulin properly.

Besides that, mushrooms contain iron, copper that good for preventing anemia because iron is useful for increasing red blood cell formation. Copper is helpful in maintaining bone density that can prevent health problems relating to osteoporosis and arthritis. While selenium acts as a powerful antioxidant that works to keep nails, hair, and teeth healthy.

Another awesome health benefits of mushrooms are act as an antioxidant for protecting cancer, including breast cancer, prostate cancer. The content of vitamins is also support for greatness health benefits of mushrooms to health, especially vitamin C, which enabled to boost immunity and vitamin D that rare vitamin found in vegetables. Vitamin D is helpful to improve calcium absorption and increases body’s metabolism.

In conclusion, the mushrooms are healthy foods even worthy of inclusion in the list of super foods because of the nutritional value of existing as well as beneficial for many health problems.

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