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Nance Fruit, Nutrition Value and Health Benefits

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Nance fruit Benefits – Nance fruit is a fruit that is produced by a slow growing plant, the Nance plant grows in America. The nance tree is mainly cultivated in Peru, Central America, South Mexico, Brazil, Barbados, Haiti, Cuba, Trinidad, Guatemala, Dominica, and several other countries in the tropics. The nance tree is the Malpighiaceae family.

Nance fruit trees are very suitable for planting in tropical and subtropical areas. The flowers are yellow and some are yellow and orange from spring to fall. The fruiting period is from August to September. The taste of the fruit is sharp and juicy. Nance fruit is also known by other names according to their respective regions. Among them are Cao cimun, Golden-spoon, Maurissi, Craboo, Maricao cimun, Indano, Murici, Chaparro, Nance, Peraleja, Changunga, Nanche, Yoco, Muruçi, Chacunga, Kraabu and several other names.


The nance tree, called “Byrsonima crassifolia”, is slow growing and can grow to a height of 33 feet. It is a shrubby plant and has large leaves measuring 3.2-17 cm long and 4-7 cm wide.

While the flowers can be 10-20 cm long and 1.25-2 cm wide, the color can be yellow, orange and even reddish orange. The nance fruit is round and slightly oval like an egg, measuring 8-12 cm wide and 0.8-1.5 cm in diameter. The inside of the fruit is watery and the flesh is white. The bark is brown, cracked and the interior is pink, with a high trunk, some are short, straight and crooked.

Nutritional Value

The nutritional content of nance fruit is very good for health benefits. In the size of 112 grams of nance fruit already contains various nutrients with the following sizes.

For a 112 gram serving contains 90.32 g of water, 0.74 g of protein, 82 calories, 1.3 g of fat, 19.01 g of carbohydrate, 0.64 g of ash, 8.4 g of dietary fiber, 4.01 g of glucose, 9.31 g of total sugars, and contains 5.3 g of fructose.

Besides that, nance fruit is also rich in vitamins. In the same serving contains 115.11% of Vitamin C, 11.08% of Vitamin K, 12.09% of manganese, 9.33% of Vitamin E, 5.38% of iron, 5.81% of potassium, 5.24% of magnesium, 5.11% of copper and contains 5.20 % of calcium.

Nance Fruit Health Benefits

Nance fruit is a storehouse for vitamins and other nutrients. It is loaded with vitamin K, thiamin, vitamin C, riboflavin, vitamin E, pathogenic acids, manganese, niacin and is also rich in folate. Nance fruit is a source of soluble dietary fiber, a source of iron, protein, phosphorus, carotene. This nutritional value provides many health benefits. Among the health benefits of nance fruit are preventing memory loss, dementia, eliminating wrinkles, and preventing hair loss.

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In addition, nance fruit is also useful for forming red blood cells because it is rich in iron, and forms a stronger anti-body. The leaves of the nance plant are also often used as leaves for making tea. It is also rich in antioxidants, so its benefits are very important in preventing wrinkles and premature aging. Below we have compiled some of the health benefits of nance fruit.

1. Lead toxicity

Today’s modern life often puts children at odds with lead. Many urban children suffer from lead poisoning, and it is a serious health problem. The bad effect of lead that enters the body is the inhibition of the child’s maximum development, this will prevent children from learning ability, low IQ, even lead poisoning can cause kidney problems, increase blood pressure. One way to minimize the bad effects of lead in food is to consume vitamin C. Foods rich in vitamin C can reduce lead levels in the blood.

2. Treats cancer

The health benefits of nance fruit are also associated with reducing cancer. Consuming lots of fruits and vegetables is known to be very good for health because it can prevent serious diseases like cancer. Research shows that consuming vitamin C can reduce the risk of cancer, be it oral cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer, stomach, throat, esophagus and can even prevent rectal cancer.

3. Reducing the risk of heart disease

The results showed that fiber intake was associated with diastolic and systolic blood pressure, and was also associated with cholesterol and triglyceride problems. Soluble fiber is also useful for preventing the absorption of dietary cholesterol.

If we consume foods rich in soluble fiber, the risk of heart disease, metabolic syndrome and hypertension will be smaller.

4. Treats diabetes

Another health benefit is treating diabetes. The lardu fiber in nance fruit is a great food for reducing blood spikes because it can be rich in fiber so that the digestive process slows down, and this can prevent blood sugar spikes.

Fiber and glucose have an inverse relationship, when there is a lot of fiber intake, glucose will decrease and when you consume a little soluble fiber such as consuming nance fruit, blood glucose will rise.

5. Reduce sprain and inflammation

Manganese is an aid against inflammation and sprains. The benefit of nance fruit is to reduce inflammation because it is one of the fruits that are rich in manganese.

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6. Controlling sugar levels

Manganese is a mineral that is useful for controlling sugar levels, manganese is also useful for preventing diabetes in those who have not experienced it. Manganese is able to maintain normal secretion and also maintain insulin synthesis. This can provide great benefits to those who have not had diabetes even for those who have already had this disease.

7. Clot blood

The vitamin K found in nace fruit acts as a prothrombium fuser. This will speed up blood clotting in those with injuries. A blood clot is the flow of blood molecules in the bloodstream. Protein Z repairs and increases thrombin, as well as enhances phospholipid linkages, conditions that can improve myelodyplastic syndrome.

8. Reduce bleeding

Vitamin K which is useful in blood clotting. Bleeding in the liver can be stopped by consuming nace fruit which is rich in vitamin K. Among the health problems associated with the gastrointestinal system are colitis, obstructions, and Crohn’s disease.

9. Good for Skin health

The content of vitamin E in nance fruit is useful for creating good strength in the capillary walls of the skin. In addition, it is also useful for increasing skin moisture and elasticity.

In addition, vitamin E is useful for preventing inflammation, both on the skin and in other bodies, which in essence maintains skin rejuvenation.

10. Helps eyesight

The benefits of nance fruit are numerous in terms of vitamin E content. It not only moisturizes the skin, and reduces age-related diseases. However, the benefits of vitamin E also affect vision. Adequate intake of vitamin A and vitamin E can support healing in those undergoing eye treatment with laser surgery.

How to Eat Nance Fruit

  • Nance fruit, like cucumbers, can be preserved in bottles for future use.
  • Nance fruit can be eaten raw, added to soups and consumed raw like any other fruit in general.
  • The Mexicans cook nance fruit as a specialty, cooked in olive oil and using rice.


  • Do not consume excessive amounts of nance fruit
  • For those who are allergic to nance fruit, you should not consume them.
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