How to Make Milk Tea

How to Make Milk Tea Like a Barista

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One well-known drink is adding milk to tea. In Malaysia, this is called “teh tarek”, but in other areas, there are similar drinks but not the same, this is Milk Tea. How to make milk tea? Read on this article because we will explain about milk tea.

Adding milk to tea is a traditional tradition that has been practiced for centuries. Starting from Taiwan, China, South America, and Britain, this is a traditional drink for long ago. Adding milk is another way to add texture and flavor to the tea.

Adding milk to tea can be in various ways. You can add milk to cold tea or hot tea. Do it according to taste. If you want to try, please read this article until it’s finished.

How to Make Milk Tea

There are several types of tea mixed with milk, but we will only discuss the popular tea. Tea like milk oolong tea, it has a soft, milky taste, there are also other teas such as Indian chai, it benefits from a mixture of milk. Ok, maybe you often drink milk coffee, but drinking tea with milk is something that is very pleasant and never gets bored. Let’s see below how to make milk tea like Barista. Find out how you enjoy tea with milk according to taste.

1. British Milk Tea

How to Make Milk Tea british
British Milk Tea

There has never been an exact tea like British Tea. Centuries ago British people have found a way to serve delicious tea. They can turn the cup into an impressive piece of drink. Tea drinks are not just ordinary drinks but are served in a variety of settings, from meeting kings to those who chat at coffee shops. Tea and crumpets are part of the lives of British people. How? Do you want to enjoy a cup of tea like an Englishman? Check out the following review.

How to Prepare It:

  • Take tea bags or tea powder that you like. Among the most popular British teas are Earl Gray, breakfast blends, and Darjeeling. But you can choose the tea you like. And you can take ancient Asian herbal tea or tea.
  • Bring the water to the right temperature, after boiling water, pour it into a cup containing the tea bag.
  • Leave a few moments until the tea essence comes out, don’t squeeze the tea or stir it
  • Add warm or hot milk to the tea that has been brewed. You can use ordinary cow’s milk or use almond milk, so this depends on the milk that is right for you.

Remember! Milk that is put into tea is to enhance the taste of tea. You are expected not to add too much. If you have excess milk, the tea taste will be faint and you will not get the perfect taste of British tea. If the milk is added with the right dose, the color of the tea is still brown and the taste is still strong. Then, stir and enjoy your tea.

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2. Iced Milk Tea

How to Make Milk Tea ice
Ice Cube Milk Tea

Above you already know how to make British milk tea, now we will see how to make ice tea plus milk.

There is nothing more enjoyable in the summer than serving cold tea in addition to ice cubes. But there are other ways to add your taste. Adding a small amount of milk to cold tea is a great idea to increase appetite. Milk tea ice is an extraordinary dish on a hot afternoon. Here’s how to make it:

How to Prepare It:

  • To get the perfect taste, if you make tea with ice cubes, use two tea bags or two tablespoons of tea powder for 8 ounces of water. Next, brew the ice tea as you made British tea
  • Furthermore, add about 2 teaspoons of sweetened condensed milk in your tea ice. If you want to be sweeter, you can add more sweetened condensed milk. So, be careful in adding milk to get the perfect taste.
  • Take a glass, and fill half a glass with ice cubes, then pour milk tea into the glass. Enjoy!

3. Bubble Milk Tea (Boba)

How to Make Milk Tea bubble milk tea
The Bubble Milk Tea

Bubble tea, also called boba, is one of the craziest teas recently that has plagued the western world. This tea has a unique look and extraordinary taste. At the top, there are black crystal balls from chewy black tapioca. Initially, boba tea or bubble tea originated in Taiwan in 1982 and later developed through southeast Asia to America. Initially, boba and bubble tea were made with foamy milk with the addition of basil seeds and jelly cubes. Want to enjoy it from home? Here’s how to prepare milk tea from Taiwan or Bubble Milk Tea. [Credit to]

How to Prepare It:

If serving bubble milk tea, you must have tapioca pearls. This is very easy for you to get, you can buy it at the Asian wholesaler shop or at the Amazon online store.

  • 1. Cook Tapioca Pearls. Some tapioca pearls have been packaged by cooking them. Ok, use 7 parts water and one part tapioca pearl. The cooking time for this ingredient is around 10 minutes. Use high heat, or cook this tapioca pearl until it’s soft and chewy. When done, mix simple boba with syrup.
  • 2. Rinse the Pearls and Sweeten. After boiling, tapioca pearls must be cleaned with lukewarm water, you can also use cold water. When removing water, place the pearls on the fine filter. If you want to save a portion of pearls, make sure you cool them first. Then just store it in the refrigerator. This lasts up to 4 days.
  • Usually, boba tea that you get at the store has been sweetened with sweeteners like sweetened condensed milk. If you want, you can use powdered sugar, drink or use condensed milk, to give your bubble tea a sweet taste.
  • 3. Add to Tea. After everything is finished, now is the time for you to brew your tea as you did with British Tea.
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