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Lemongrass Tea Benefits to Remove Toxins

by Sarah Syakira

Lemongrass Tea Benefits – Tea is a beverage that provides benefits to health, as well as lemongrass. Lemongrass is known as spice are given in cuisine, and lemongrass have abundant health benefits as well. Well, when both are united in the form of lemongrass tea will provide tremendous benefits to health.

Lemongrass Tea Benefits to Remove Toxins

Lemongrass tea not only possessed a sense of fresh and warm but the lemongrass tea benefits are also enormous for health. Lemongrass tea is known to prevent bloating and improve mood. Moreover, the benefits of lemon grass tea can also remove toxins in the body.

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If you do not believe, we have a potion to make lemongrass tea to remove toxins in the body, as reported by the health Me Up (3/10/15). The following materials are used to make lemongrass tea to remove toxins.

– 1/2 cup lemon grass, cut into pieces
– 1/2 cup mint leaves, chopped
– One teaspoon of tea leaves (can also use a tea bag)

How to Make Lemongrass Tea

– Combine lemon grass and mint leaves with five cups of water, then boiled.
– Reduce the heat and simmer until the water is reduced to about three cups.
– Turn off the heat level, and then add the tea leaves. Cover the pot and let the tea infuse for a few minutes.
– Pour into cups and serve.

That recipe to make lemongrass tea that warms and good for detoxification. These drinks can you try at home. Thus, the lemongrass tea benefits to removing toxins in the body may be useful and good luck.

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