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Lady Gaga Height Weight Body Statistics, Lady Gaga Facts

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This time we will discuss about celebrities, especially regarding statistics on body weight, height, and their lifestyle of Lady Gaga. You who like information about celebrities, this is your chance to get a lot of information about them.

Lady Gaga Weight, Height Body Statistics

Born Name: Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta

Nick Name

lady gaga has many nicknames like: GaGa, Mother Monster, Germ, Sucra and Loopy.

Lady Gaga’s age

The age of lady gaga is now 33 years old, because she was born in 1986, precisely on 28 March 1986. She was born in New York, USA.

Nationality: America

Lady Gaga’s education

Some of the education he followed were Convent of the Sacred Heart, New York and New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. Then he pulled himself from there and focused on his career in music.


As a woman with an education like that, Lady Gaga later became a singer, songwriter, activist, actress, record producer and composer.

Get to know Lady Gaga’s family

  • Father – Joseph Germanotta, he works as an internet entrepreneur
  • Mother – Cynthia Germanotta, she is a telecommunications assistant
  • Siblings – Natali Germanotta (Younger Sister)

The manager

In her career, Lady Gaga worked with the following agents:

  1. William Morris Endeavor
  2. Live Nation Entertainment, Inc.
  3. Richard De La Font

Some of the skills related to spelling are: Pop, dance, rock, electronic, and rock. While the instruments he controls are vocals, pianos, and keyboards.

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Def Jam, Cherrytree, KonLive, Streamline, Interscope Records

The height of lady gaga is 5 ft 1 in or 155 cm.

Her weight

53 kg or 117 pounds

Lady Gaga Height Weight Body Statistics



Lüc Carl (2007-2008) – One of the men dating a lady gaga is Luc Carl, he’s a New York City club manager. This man is also a promoter, DJ, musician, author, certified personal trainer, bartender, and semi-pro bowler from Springfield. Luc has been dating Lady Gaga since this woman is not famous. Actually, this is the man who first made Gaga famous in his world.

Speedy (2009) – This is Pop star, record producer. Lady Gaga was seen kissing at the MuchMusic Video Awards, this was in 2009. But this relationship did not last long because they broke up that year.

Carl Carl (July 2010 – May 2011) – This was the first man in his love life to break up. But in 2010 they returned to love each other. They spent Christmas together in Nebraska. But later, their relationship was damaged again in 2011.

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Taylor Kinney (October 2011 – 2016) – This is a man who acts as a model and actor. Taylor began knitting relations with Gaga in 2011 in October. Then they got engaged on February 14, 2015. However, their relationship broke back in 2016.

Christian Carino (2017-2019) – Christian Carino and Lady Gaga started a relationship in February 2017. Since 2018 Lady Gaga confirmed the information that the two of them were engaged. But in 2019 their engagement finally ended.

Hair color

His hair color is natural brown, but as an artist, it is incomplete if he does not color the hair. She dyes her hair blonde. But now her hair starts to fall a lot due to frequent coloring.

Eye color


Sexual Orientation


Distinctive Features

  • Blonde hair
  • His clothes are futuristic and his hair is bent
  • She carries a glow-in-the-dark disco stick during appearances
  • Rhythmic hooks and choruses
  • His fans call him a “monster”.
  • Often describes himself as a rebel character in the video
  • The end of the video usually kills someone, usually his girlfriend
  • Various colored wigs
  • Her tattoos
  • The dance is wild and charismatic
  • High heels and wearing sunglasses


36-26-37 in or 91.5-66-94 cm

Dress size

6 (US) or 36 (EU)

Shoe Size

8.5 (US) or 39 (EU) (via YouTube)

Brand Endorsements

  • Polaroid (2009)
  • A star ad for Google Chrome in 2011
  • It is also a star for print ads for MAC cosmetics, and Versace purses.

Lady Gaga Religion

Roman Catholicism

Lady Gaga was very famous when her 2008 hit single titled “Just Dance” and “Poker Face”.

First Album of lady gaga

The woman’s first album was released in 2008 in August. This album contains 14 songs with a total duration of 54:19 minutes. This album sold with fantastic numbers, 15,000,000 copies over the world. This sale is then certified as 3x Platinum in the USA.

First Film

As an actress, of course lady gaga also plays a lot of movies. His first film was released in 2011 with the title “Lady Gaga Presents the Monster Ball Tour: At Madison Square Garden.” This is the result of the documentation of the 2011 concert.

Personal Trainer

Lady Gaga also has her own certified coach. He is Harley Pasternak, he has formulated the 5 Factor Program for workout and diet to be used by his clerk. Exercises that are often done by Gaga are lunges, yoga and skater twists. He has determined a special day for fat burning exercises, this is Saturday and Sunday. 30 minutes every day for him to burn first fat to always look sexy.

Based on instructions in the diet program. Lady Gaga eats five times a day. In “5 Factor Program for workout and diet” he must eat twice a day added snacks three times a day.

Lady Gaga Favorite Things:

Some things that are Lady Gaga’s favorites, from favorite colors, food, books to her liking. The following list:

  • Favorite Food – Cheeseburger
  • Favorite Book – Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare
  • The Favorite Colors – Purple, White and Black.
  • Favorite Accessories – Heavy makeup, Heels, Colorful wigs, Heartbeats, Sunglasses, and Lingerie.

Lady Gaga Facts

For fans of Lady Gaga, it’s not complete if you don’t know the facts about this beautiful woman. Here are some interesting facts about Lady Gaga.

  1. Lady Gaga said that she came from a lower class family, so her family worked hard for this life.
  2. Her younger sister is a fashion student
  3. He is a fan of Britney Spears.
  4. In 2012, he was listed as the most money maker, he was able to earn as much as $ 25 million.
  5. He already knew how to play the piano since he was 4 years old
  6. Paris Hilton and her sister Nicky Hilton are classmates with Lady Gaga when they study at the Convent of the Sacred Heart.
  7. The stage name “Lady Gaga” refers to the name of the song “Radio Ga-Ga” by Queen.
  8. This woman has many tattoos on her body. About 9 tattoos on the left side of his body. His mother forbade him to make a tattoo on his right side.
  9. Lady Gaga supports the Gay community
  10. Her role model is Madonna

That’s a glimpse of the statistics of weight, height and interesting facts about Lady Gaga.