Jasmine Tea Health Benefits

9 Jasmine Tea Health Benefits

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Jasmine Tea Health Benefits – Jasmine tea is often used as an herb in treating various severe diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer. This is because jasmine tea contains many anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Another benefit of jasmine tea is that it boosts immunity and maintains healthy skin. Diligently consuming jasmine tea is good for beauty and health.

Not only the health benefits of jasmine tea, but this tea is rich in flavor that can make us more enthusiastic in carrying out our daily activities and this has provided a healthy lifestyle for us. If you love jasmine tea, find out its origins and what health benefits it offers to add to your love for this wonderful drink.

Origins of Jasmine Tea

Before we get into the health benefits of jasmine tea, we should try to understand how the origin of this drink is. Here we will explain the origin of jasmine tea. Read on the article until it’s finished.

Jasmine tea has been a popular drink in China since the Ming dynasty. At that time the flower patterns were very popular including jasmine, so that at that time various flowers decorated jewelry such as porcelain, walls, embroidery, and in literature in Chinese society. The first time jasmine tea was produced was in Fujian province. This is the first tea to become an export commodity from China to the western world.

Furthermore, jasmine tea has been famous in the western world since 1800. This fragrant, sweet and soft flower gives satisfaction to the taste. Not only does it provide the pleasure of drinking but also provides tremendous health benefits. For the most part in history, jasmine is often associated with China, even though this plant originated from the Middle East, namely Persia. Jasmine is believed to have originated from Iran, Pakistan, the Himalayas and areas of Afghanistan. Now jasmine tea is well known and popular all over the world. Now that most of the jasmine tea is produced in Asia, China and India are the two countries that cultivate it on a large scale.

What Is Jasmine Tea?

Let’s get to know jasmine tea further. Jasmine tea is a type of tea that is produced from a mixture of tea leaves and jasmine flowers. So, not one hundred percent using jasmine flowers. While this jasmine flower is harvested from the jasmine plant, a variant called Jasminum officinale. Now jasmine tea is made from two types of tea, these are common jasmine and sampaguita. Jasmine is a plant that is still in the same family as olives. The aroma of the flowers is very fragrant, and when made into tea, it becomes sweet. because of the fragrance and enjoyment on offer, it is often called jasmine pearls.

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Flavored Tea

Jasmine tea is often referred to as flavored tea because the addition of jasmine flowers to the tea will improve the quality of the tea. Usually jasmine flowers are added to green tea, but some are added to black tea and white tea. The process of giving this aroma is done by drying the tea leaves and mixing it with fresh jasmine flowers. So, jasmine flowers are often used as fragrances in tea drinks and even in other tea drinks such as oolong tea or other black teas.

Jasmine Tea Health Benefits
Jasmine flowers bloom

How does Jasmine Tea Taste

The taste of tea can be different from one jasmine tea to another. This depends on what tea is used as the base. In addition, the taste also depends on the area where the jasmine flower is planted and how it is processed.

Usually the green tea given by jasmine flowers has a soft, soft taste and a sweet aroma. Among the good varieties of jasmine tea is Yin Hao, this is one of the most popular teas among Chinese leaders. Tea only tastes soft and smooth but also provides many health benefits.

For more details about the benefits of jasmine tea for health, here we see the review.

Health Benefits of Jasmine Tea

1. Boosts Energy

One of the benefits of jasmine tea is that it increases energy. We have mentioned above that jasmine tea is made from various teas such as green, white or black tea. But actually jasmine tea is tea made from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant, which contains natural caffeine.

The content of caffeine is useful for keeping you alert and energized in your activities. If usually in coffee contains about 95 caffeine, in a cup of jasmine tea usually contains only 35 caffeine and this still gives you enthusiasm and relieves laziness.

2. Lose weight

Consuming jasmine tea from a green tea base can give your metabolism an extra boost. This means, the body can burn more calories so that the weight loss process can be faster.

But in green tea infused with jasmine flowers. For this reason, most jasmine tea is made from green tea.

3. Prevent cancer

Cancer is a disease that many modern societies suffer from. Along with the many cases of cancer, now people are also increasingly aggressively preventing this disease. Fortunately, there are studies that show that regular consumption of jasmine tea is beneficial for preventing cancer. This is due to the presence of antioxidants in jasmine tea and this works to fight free radicals.

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Free radicals are toxins carried by pollutants and food contaminated with chemicals. Free radicals can damage cells so that body cells become abnormal, this has been linked to cancer and neurological disorders.

The amount of antioxidants in jasmine tea depends on which type of tea it is made of as a base tea. If you use green tea, it is rich in catechins. Meanwhile, if you use black tea, it is rich in theaflavins.

4. Maintain heart health

Heart health is very important, it not only provides a longer life. But someone with a healthy heart will get good spirits every day so that his life will be more quality. So, the antioxidant content in jasmine tea doesn’t just prevent cancer. But it is also useful for maintaining heart health so that the heart can still work optimally in pumping blood.

Bad cholesterol or LDL that is too high in the body can cause blockage of blood vessels. This in turn can lead to strokes, and heart disease and heart attacks.

Jasmine tea contains catechins which are useful for lowering LDL levels in the blood. So, the risk of heart disease can be minimized by consuming lots of jasmine tea.

5. Relieve stress

The next benefit of jasmine tea is as a natural remedy to relieve stress. Jasmine tea contains a great aroma to calm the mood. This soft and fragrant aroma immediately acts on the liver, giving the person a relaxing effect.

The sense of smell has a strong connection with relaxation. That is why when we enjoy jasmine tea, his body feels relaxed because we have smelled the fragrance. Apart from smell, taste is the second thing related to relaxation. That is the reason why drinking jasmine tea can relieve stress.

6. Prevent type-2 diabetes

Type two diabetes is caused by a lack of the body to produce insulin, including genetics and an unhealthy lifestyle. This is the main cause of diabetes. Jasmine green tea is useful for producing insulin and controlling insulin levels in the body.

Research conducted by BMC suggests that green tea can prevent diabetes by regulating insulin in the body. The antioxidants in jasmine tea play a role in regulating glucose levels in the blood.

7. Increase immunity

The high antioxidants in jasmine tea boost immunity and it also contains anti-inflammatory properties. Good immunity can make the body able to attack and protect various foreign substances that enter the body. To support this, jasmine green tea also contains various vitamins so that the body’s defense system gets better.

8. Relieve aches and pains

The benefits of jasmine tea also reduce aches and pains. It is associated with healing and relieving arthritis. A study conducted by the American College of Rheumatology shows that the epigallocatechin gallate present in green tea leaves can fight inflammation due to rheumatoid.

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9. Benefits of jasmine tea for skin health

Tea and jasmine flowers and essential oils are good for preventing bacterial development because they have anti-bacterial properties. While antioxidants are useful for maintaining healthy skin, keep skin away from wrinkles and aging. Jasmine oil is beneficial for skin ailments when applied topically, and jasmine tea can be beneficial for skin health by improving the skin from within.

The content of polyphenols and antioxidants in jasmine tea is useful for fighting toxins and chemicals that cause premature aging and maintaining healthy skin. Pilifenol is useful for even out pigmentation on the skin, and eliminates aging lines on the skin surface.

To get the health benefits of jasmine tea properly, you are advised to consume two cups – 3 cups a day and add to it by washing your face using cool jasmine tea.