important foods to improve breast milk

Important Foods to Improve Breast Milk

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Important Foods to Improve Breast Milk – Lactating mothers should have ample supply of breast milk for her baby. Mother’s milk is very important for infants because it can boost immunity properly. So many breastfeeding mothers who choose to consume various supplements to get breast milk are abundant.

For breastfeeding mothers who shortage in breast-milk need not to worry. Nature already provides a variety of foods that can be used to increase breast milk. There are a number of food is important to increase the amount of breast milk someone. These foods should be known by anyone who wants to reproduce breast milk.

Important Foods to Improve Breast Milk

Immediately, we see some important foods for nursing mother that her baby is fulfilled with Mother’s Milk
1. Inadequate water needs
Sufficient water is essential baby nursing mothers, so that breast milk remains smooth. Water is the most important component in the body that helps the body’s metabolism. Every time you feel thirsty then drink water immediately. If you need to bring bottles of drinks where you are going, this is that you can drink water whenever you need.

2. Drink milk
Another important thing for breastfeeding mothers are drinking milk. Milk is very good to meet the nutritional needs of nursing mothers. Drink 2 to 3 cups of milk a day so that the body is always healthy.

3. Eat green vegetables
Green leafy vegetables are very important for health, not unless the health of nursing mothers. Green leafy vegetables are very good to meet the needs of iron, folic acid and increase lactation. One of the nice edible betel vine leaves.

In India, the betel leaf has become an important food after eating. It turned out that betel leaves contain a lot of minerals such as calcium, carotene, riboflavin, niacin, thiamine, iodine, potassium and iron.

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4. Consuming nuts
Furthermore, important to improve breast milk is nuts. Prefer eating nuts especially not salted or spicy.

5. Eat vegetables and fruits
Vegetables and fruits are also very instrumental in increasing the amount of breast milk. Fruits like watermelon, apricot able to increase the amount of breast milk. While the vegetables that could overcome the shortage of breast milk is the green papaya. Besides vegetables such as carrots, asparagus is also included in vegetables are important to the health of nursing mothers.

6. Garlic
Garlic is an important herb in a variety of kitchen supplies. Garlic very good to consumed on a regular basis to increase breast milk.

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