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Hummus Health Benefits, Tasty Foods

by Sarah Syakira

Hummus Health Benefits – Hummus is delicious foods that contain much health benefits. The benefits of these foods can not be separated from the minerals contained therein. Among the minerals in hummus are calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, iron, and zinc. Besides, hummus also provides a wide range of vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B3, vitamin B6, and folate.

Hummus is delicious food from middle eastern. The basic material of hummus is beans and Tahini. The food is usually served with lemon juice, salt, fresh garlic, paprika, or olive oil.

Hummus dish commonly found in countries such as Syria, Israel, Greece, Turkey, Lebanon, and Cyprus but most people around the world love it. Not only tasty but hummus health benefits tremendous to us.

Here are 7 Hummus Health Benefits

1. Helps bone growth
Tahini, Beans contains much calcium, hummus can help bones become strong. So hummus good for elderly to avoid osteoporosis.

2. Overcoming anemia
The next hummus health benefits are treating anemia because hummus have much calcium. While tahini is a good source of iron to help deliver oxygen to blood cells.

If you have iron deficiency and anemia, you can eat foods that are high in iron to help relieve it.

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3. Good for allergy sufferers
Hummus is free gluten foods, nuts, and milk. So the food is good for those of you who are allergic. Consuming humus will not make your allergic relapse.

4. Smooth digestion
Hummus health benefits for digestion. One of the most important health benefits of hummus is can help you keep the digestive tract because it has a very high fiber content.

Consuming these foods are known as the most convenient and fast way to get necessary fiber for a body.

5. It has much protein
Hummus has a very high amount of protein that can help you improve the health of bones, muscles, skin, and blood health.

Of course, you can get all the protein from meat, but if you are a vegetarian, this is the best way to add some protein to your diet.

6. Helps to lower cholesterol
Other hummus health benefits are lowering cholesterol. Humus can help you to lower your cholesterol because it contains many beans, garbanzo nuts.

In general, nuts contain many nutrients that can help lower your cholesterol because they contain no saturated fat.

The health benefits of beans are not only highly effective in preventing cholesterol in the blood vessels, but they also help you keep your blood sugar levels.

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