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How To Take Water Out Of Your Ear

by Sarah Syakira

You often swim? Maybe you’ve experienced with water stuck in your ears. This is very difficult day for you. When the water is in the ear, you will feel something intriguing in your ear, even this will be felt up to the jaw and throat. Something definite, you can not hear something clearly. Not only when swimming, even when bathing can happen the same thing if you are not careful doing it.

If this water flows out by itself, then you can immediately feel a pleasant fresh breeze. But if not, this can lead to infections and painful things in your ears. If ear infections are in the external canal auditory ear, this is called the swimmer’s ear. Have you ever heard of it? Ok.

If you find it difficult to remove water from the ear, then follow these steps. Most of them are not easy to remove water trapped from the ear. Here are some things you can do if water is stuck in your ears while swimming or taking a bath.

How To Take Water Out Of Your Ear

1. Jiggle your earlobe

It’s very easy to do, pull and rock your ears gently while tilting it down. Or try to shake your head from one side to the other when your ears are already in the bottom position.

2. Make gravity do the work

This is another technique you should try. With this method, gravity will help drain the water out of your ears. Lie down for a few minutes, place a towel in the ear to absorb water, slowly the water will be absorbed by the towel. It’s easy, is not it!

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3. Make a vacuum

This technique is unique, but it is very effective to remove water from your ears.

If water is trapped in the right ear, tilt the head to the left side so that the right ear is above. Then enter the water as much as you can into the right ear, hold briefly in this position. Then, tilt your head to the right side so that the right ear is below. At this time, the water captured in the right ear will come out with easy. This is very effective for removing water in the ear. We recommend this way because we often experience this.

4. Apply a hot compress

When water enters the ear, sometimes it is trapped in an eustachian tube. So, this technique can help you free from water.

  • Use warm water instead of hot water, wipe off the lap, be sure to squeeze a cloth before using it so it does not drip.
  • Tilt the head down, sore and use the cloth on the outside of your ear. Leave 30 seconds in your ear and then release.
  • Repeat using this step 4 to 5 times. These processes helps you sit up, and lie down in opposite positions.

5. Use a blow dryer

This is very easy to use to remove the water in the ear. You’re just prepare a blow dryer.

  • Take the blow dryer and set it at the lowest position,
  • Hold this blow dryer one foot away from the ear, move it back and forth.
  • Do it while tugging at your ear and let the warm wind from the tool blow and dry it.

6. Using alcohol and vinegar eardrops

Also, How To Take Water Out Of Your Ear is with using alcohol and vinegar eardrops. Alcohol is a material that can remove water from the ear and it is also able to remove bacteria to prevent infection.

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The use of vinegar is great if the water that is caught is caused by the buildup of dirt in the ear. Vinegar can clean the dirt easily. Follow these ways:

  • Combine alcohol and vinegar with the same comparison
  • Use a sterile dropper, insert these 4 drops into the ear hole
  • Rub the outside of the ear slowly
  • Wait 30 seconds, then tilt the head to the side, this aims to get the solution out with trapped water.

7. Try olive oil

Olive oil is not only good for smoothing the skin, but also useful to prevent ear infections, and remove the water trapped inside.

  • Warm a little olive oil in a small bowl
  • Use a clean dropper, put the oil into the ear (a few drops)
  • Then, lie down to the other side, about 10 minutes
  • Next, sit and tilt the ear down.

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