How to Pick a Good Pineapple

How to Pick a Good Pineapple

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This time we will give a simple trick for you who like to consume pineapple. The title is “how to pick a good pineapple”, of course the meaning is for getting a high quality pineapple, ripe pineapples, smells sweet and good taste.

Well, if the pineapple that selected is good and is mature, it would be nice when eaten, or made as pineapple juice. But if the wrong in choosing a pineapple, then the results will be disappointing. For that we give tips to pick a good pineapple from garden or from fruit market.

Maybe you’ve heard that the sign of mature pineapple is the leaves can be loose easily. Sometimes there is a point, but there are other signs that are more important for you to know in order to get a perfect pineapple.

How To Pick A Good Pineapple, The Ripe One and Fresh

1. Use your hands

You can use your hands to press and feel them. If the pineapple is ripe, then the bit you press will feel soft. Then, note the weight of pineapple. Heavy pineapple shows the water content is quite a lot. The heavy pineapple not certainly a large in size.

Then, you can try to pull out the pineapple leaves at the top. If the leaves are easily removed, the pineapple is ripe. But if it is very easy to loose, the possibility this pineapple has rotten. You can try this tip although there is someone not believe it.

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2. Using your eyes

Yellow pineapple shows the level of maturity. But keep in mind that the leaves should be bright green.

The golden yellow pineapple shows that it is a fresh, ripe fruit. But do not be too yellow, because it could be a rotten pineapple.

Avoid picking brown one, cracked or leaked pineapple, wrinkled skin, moldy and brown withered leaves. This shows the pineapple is not fresh anymore.

Pineapple leaf color is necessary in note, usually pineapple ripe has a golden yellow leaves. However, to get a fresh pineapples, pick a pineapple that has fresh green leaves.

Choose the nearest pineapple to your location, as it shows that they do not take long time to bring pineapple to the store. Mean, the pineapple is still fresh.

3. Use your smell

Furthermore, one simple and powerful way on how to pick a good pineapple is with kiss it. The sweet smell of pineapple is very important to determine its maturity. If the pineapple you buy does not have an aroma, then certainly the pineapple is not mature yet.

In addition, avoid fermented pineapples even though sweet and fresh smell. Can also smell of vinegar, or the smell of alcohol.

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