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How to Take a Rectal Temperature

How to Measure Rectal Temperature

by Sarah Syakira

How to Take a Rectal Temperature

Fever is a condition where the body temperature rises, and this is a sign that there is a health problem that is disturbed. Then how to measure body temperature rectally, orally and by means of a tympanic (ear) thermometer.

If the baby is under 3 months, you only need to measure the rectal body temperature. Meanwhile, for children older than 3 months, you can measure the temperature from the mouth. The trick is to put a thermometer under the child’s tongue. However, if the child cannot hold the thermoeter under the tongue, you may need to use another method of measuring body temperature.

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The tympanic thermometer works for children over 3 years of age, for those who do not tolerate the oral temperature. Temperatures taken under the arm may take a few minutes when using an oral thermometer, and this is not recommended unless you have no other choice. If you want to measure rectal temperature, you will need a thermometer and digital lubricant.

If you are measuring the temperature do not use a glass mercury thermometer, you should either keep it in place or contact a garbage man for precise information on disposal.

Follow These Steps

  • Place the water-soluble lubricant on the bulb end (thin, shiny end) of the thermometer. Using a water-based lubricant like KY or such as Surgilube, it’s better than you use petroleum jelly.
  • Lay your child on his stomach and spread his buttocks
  • Insert the tip of the thermometer bulb (which has been greased) into the anal canal, not more than an inch.
  • Be careful to do this, do not let your child move or struggle so that the thermometer goes deeper into his anus.
  • Keep the thermometer in place until it beeps or at least for one minute.
  • Take off the thermometer and see the results.

Measure the temperature of babies under 3 months

If your baby is under 3 months, call the doctor or come to the emergency room. And If the baby’s temperature is over 100.4 F. and your child looks lethargic, weak, irritable, headache, then you need to take your child to the doctor. If you are unable to carry it, you will need to call 911.

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Children over 3 months (adults)

Children with fever with a body temperature of less than 102 F should rest. If the fever is more than 102 F, it can be treated with Tylenol or Motrin. Remember, you shouldn’t give aspirin to children. Follow the label and contact the doctor to find out the exact dose you should give your child.

If a fever is over 102 F and lasts more than a day (in a 2 year old child), call your doctor immediately. And if the fever is more than 3 days (if the child is more than two years).

Give the data you get from the thermometer to the doctor, and also give him how you measure the temperature. Whether measuring by orthal, rectal, tellinga or by placing the thermometer under the arm, give all honestly to the doctor.

For people with fever who have a body temperature of more than 102 F, they can take Tylenol, Motrin, or aspirin. adults with fever should also contact a doctor if they have symptoms such as headache, neck stiffness, or if the fever lasts more than three days.

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