How to Cope Nosebleeds in Children

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How to Cope Nosebleeds in Children – Epistaxis or nosebleed is bleeding from the nose that usually caused by trauma to the nose or certain diseases. Bleeding does not only occur in adults but also occur in children, which sometimes makes you surprised when the blood out of your son’s nose for no reason. You do not need to worry if your child has a nosebleed on the healthy and stay active state. Otherwise, it is not classified as dangerous nosebleeds when experienced by children in conditions not have a fever. Although nosebleeds can happen to your child, you should find out the main causes of nosebleeds in children.

The Cause of Nosebleeds in Children

The nosebleed varies widely, the following is the cause of nosebleeds in children:

1. Pollution

The state of the air inhaled by your child may affect health, such as motor vehicles, tobacco smoke that can irritate the mucous membranes. Especially mucous membranes in the age of the children are still fragile and easily torn.

2. Trauma

Trauma to the nose in children can occur such as when a child is impacted, picking nose too hard or hit with other objects. This method can be avoided by giving a warning to your child when playing with his friends.

3. The cold

At some children who can not adapt to the cold air can cause nosebleeds, one example of a condition is AC too cold in a room.

4. Drug

Drugs can trigger nosebleeds in children, such as steroid-type medications that can serve to relieve nasal jump on children or other types of medications that do not match the condition of your child, if you see this indicate, you should immediately come to the doctor to get an accurate cause.

5. Infection

Several conditions can cause an infection in your child, such as vestibules that occurred inflammation of the root sheath of hair that occurs in the front part of the nasal cavity of your child, sinusitis is inflammation that occurs in the sinus cavity area of ​​the right and left on the nose The infection systematic namely infection because your child has health problems one of which is the dengue fever. For nosebleeds caused by infection, you should immediately bring your baby or child to the doctor.

How to Cope Nosebleeds in Children

1. Do not lie or lowered the baby’s head

At first aid your child who is bleeding, do not lie or lowered the baby’s head as it will create more severe nosebleeds, but it also avoid lifting the head up (looking up).

2. A proper position is with the upright body position

You can make your child’s seating position at the head slightly forward and then you can use the thumb and index finger to close the nostril by means of massaging for 2 to 5 minutes, breathe through the mouth.

3. Using betel leaves

You can take a betel leaf that has been washed and then roll the size of your child’s nostril and then stuffed into the nostrils for 15-20 minutes.

4. Using ice cubes

You can relieve blood from the nose to use ice cubes wrapped in a cloth and stick between the forehead and nose kid, the ice cubes will help to shrink the blood vessels so that blood stopped.

Read other remedies:

However, if the above methods can not stop the blood, and your child is having difficulty breathing, bleeding ears and gums and also the presence of foreign goods in the nose, you should be immediately take him to the doctor to get medical treatment that accurate views of the causes of nosebleeds at your child.

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