How to Cook Frozen Hash Browns

How to Cook Frozen Hash Browns

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Hash browns are food from chopped potatoes, or potatoes that are grated or cut into small pieces and then molded in such a way and fried or steamed. Cooking Hash browns sometimes presents its own challenges for some people. The many questions about how to cook Hash browns inspired us to write this article about how to cook them.

Hash browns can be an additional food for the breakfast menu. If you like this food, now you don’t need to buy it at the store anymore, this post is expected to be a review that can provide benefits and you can make your own Hash Browns from your own home.

Hash browns can be served as a food garnish or as a separate dish. The hash browns sold in stores are cooked and when you buy them, you just have to warm them up. Most people after buying Hash browns, when they get home just want to warm them up with a slightly crunchier texture.

Here we will explain to you how to cook frozen Hash browns on the stove. Once you know, you will surely think how easy it is to make Hash browns. Grated French fries are very difficult to make because many people cause grated potatoes to burn when fried. This is your challenge in cooking Hash browns.

As a novice chef, you should know how to cook hash browns well, with the right texture and not burnt.

How to Cook Frozen Shredded Hash Browns

Here we will cover how to cook Hash browns starting from the shredded version and show you how to warm Hash browns in a frying pan.

Some people when warming up their hash browns like to use a little oil on a frying pan. This is the best way, by adding a little oil, not only eases the cooking process of Hash browns but also adds a bit of fat which is essential for flavor. But if you don’t like it, this can also work well.

First, we have to warm the pan to medium heat. When the pan is starting to heat up, spread the Hash browns over the pan, trying not to build up too much. Probably about 1 inch or half an inch above the pan will suffice. But if you want to warm up several levels of hash browns, please do so with caution. At least two tiers or three tiers lined up on the griddle.

Cook the hash browns until the ice melts, warm it until it turns yellowish. When half way through, flip the Hash browns over to cook evenly and cook another 5 minutes to get the right doneness.

If you’re not squeezing too high in the pan, then in a few minutes you’re done. However, if the hash browns are too high in your pan, you may need to flip the hash browns one at a time until they are all evenly coated and this will get the right level of doneness.

If you want to cook shredded hash browns in the oven? This is a great alternative, you don’t need to cook in a frying pan. By using the oven you can do it.

So, for easy cooking of shredded hash browns, you don’t need to stack them too high. Preheat oven to 400 F, bake hash browns for 30 minutes. With this duration, your hash browns should be cooked, crispy and golden yellow in color.

By now, you already know how to cook frozen shredded hash browns in the oven. How about frozen hash browns? Let’s continue!

How to Cook Frozen Hash Browns in Oven

How about cooking patty-type hash browns and tater tots. To cook this dish, as we have said, you can cook it on the stove or in the oven, but using the oven will be very simple and won’t make your kitchen need extra cleaning. Ok, let’s see how to cook frozen hash browns in the following oven.

First preheat the oven to 450 degrees F. Place the hash browns bread on the paper. This is also the same as the method for french fries.

Make sure there is some space between each of the hash browns so that the heat can drain properly through the frozen hash browns.

Usually it only takes you 10 minutes and then 10 more after you reverse it.

So, your cooking time really depends on how many hash browns you cook at once in the oven.

How to Cook Frozen Hash Browns on a Griddle

Do not want to use the oven or you experience damage to the part of the screwdriver. Don’t worry, you can use griddle. The method is the same as you use waffles.

With the griddle or waffle method, you can cook it very easily. All you need is to heat a griddle or waffle maker. Once the griddle is hot, add the hash browns to the griddle and cover well. Cook for 10 minutes or until it reaches your desired level of doneness. If it is according to the level of doneness you want, remove it from the griddle.

How to Cook Frozen Hash Browns in a Skillet

There is also the question of how to cook hash browns in a skillet. It’s also very easy for you to practice. I like to use a frying pan on the stove.

It has become my habit to cook hash browns without oil. So, in cooking the hash browns on the pan on the stove, we just heat the pan and add the hash browns just like that without any oil that has to be added beforehand.

Heat your skillet, when it’s hot, add the french fries. Place the hash browns far apart or space them apart so that heat circulation can propagate well throughout the hash browns. Do not overlap or pile the potatoes on top of each other.

Using medium heat, you can cook the hash browns in a skillet for 3 to 5 minutes and over medium heat. Wait until one side is cooked and then flip it over to the other side.

You may need to flip it a few times, once it’s done, you can flip it easily with a spatula and serve right away.

You also see the following:

How to serve hash browns

The best way in our opinion is that the hash browns are served with American cheese. Choose the original type of cheese so it will taste better. Try microwave the cheese so it looks melted.

Another alternative is to serve it with tomato sauce on top. But don’t be complacent with a presentation like this, because without cheese, without tomato sauce, hash browns are still delicious food.

How to Cook Frozen Hash Browns in Microwave

In addition to several ways to cook Frozen Hash Browns as above, there is another way you can try, this is by using the microwave.

How to cook Frozen Hash Browns in the microwave, let’s consider the following method.

Using the microwave is arguably the fastest way to cook Frozen Hash Browns. But we don’t like it and the taste will also be different. Perhaps the use of a microwave is suitable for emergencies, where you need Hash Browns quickly.

How to warm up Frozen Hash Browns, you just need to microwave it for 1.5 minutes for one side, and then flip it for the other side for 1.5 minutes.

You can look or try it a few times to make sure it’s done. Sometimes you have to invert it several times for proper results. Again, we prefer to cook Frozen Hash Browns in the oven and it’s easy to do.